Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  It seemed like a slow week at my house.  We had a good time, but I just had the hardest time remembering what day it was and just felt a little off all week.

Did anyone else watch the CMA's this year??

I love country music and really enjoyed the show.  I thought Garth stole the show with my favorite performance of the night.  I wasn't loving all of the cut outs/geometric designs on the fancy dresses.  Miranda looked stunning.  I had no idea Taylor Swift wrote Better Man and I'm excited for twins on the way for the Stapletons.  Tim and Faith just make me smile when they sing together.  I hope they are as happy in real life as they seem on stage together.  What a fun night and thank heavens for DVRs so I could put my kids to bed and watch it later!

Back to the highlights of our week... here are my favorite moments of the week:

Indiana in the Fall is my FAVORITE!  The leaves are just gorgeous and the weather is pretty perfect.  I just find myself walking and driving around smiling at the beauty around me.  I took the kids on a walk several times this week and we had a contest to see who could find the prettiest tree in our neighborhood.  It was really fun.

My Sweet Potato Cinnamon Bread got a lot of attention this week!  It was really delicious and I'm excited for people to give it a try for Thanksgiving.  It's such a pretty, easy treat.

Being home with my kids is my FAVORITE.  I really enjoy spending my days with them and this picture pretty accurately describes life.  I was in the middle of making dinner, the play room is a disaster by this point in the day, the kids a disheveled from a day of fun, but we are all happy and smiling.  I'm thankful that Kevin thought to snap this picture of our impromptu pyramid.

College football is my FAVORITE!  I love the games, the festivities and the gatherings.  We hosted a tailgate party for Kevin's students this weekend and it was a blast.  The weather was iffy so I had to get our house ready as a rain out option as well as get everything ready to take to the stadium.  We lucked out and the rain stayed away.  The food was festive and everyone had a great time.  Go Sycamores!

Luckily Notre Dame blue is the same as ISU blue so I have a fun collection of game day items to use.  We had a great time and Kevin's students said he was their dad goals - grilling brats for everyone with a beer in hand and his family running around nearby.

My Thanksgiving mantel is definitely a FAVORITE spot in my house.  Do you decorate for Thanksgiving??

Teaching Olive is my FAVORITE.  It's been fun to work with her on letters, sounds and other preschool type things.  She's really into Duplos and building letters.  She couldn't care less about handwriting so this is a fun option for her.  She's also really into books, book club and is super curious about everything from bugs to synonyms to counting.

Fletcher is a WILD MAN.  He is fearless and scares the heck out of me regularly.  I was loading Olive into the car, juggling some things and look over to see this stunt.  Heaven help me!  He did it over and over again.  Would it be acceptable to make him wear a helmet??

These LUCKY Brand Basel booties from Macys were a splurge purchase last year.  They have AMAZING reviews, come in tons of colors and are so comfy.  I wore them to death last year and they were looking a little sorry this season.  I decided to give them some new life with $3 brown shoe polish.  They look SO GOOD after a good coat on each bootie.  I am thrilled to wear them again all Fall/Winter.

This week on Polka-Dotty Place:

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TUESDAY: Sweet Potato Cinnamon Bread
WEDNESDAY: Creative Ways to Save

Hope you have a great weekend!!  We are going on a date night tonight, watching football and probably raking a million leaves.


  1. The football tailgating looks so fun. Dad goals...ha, ha! Indiana sure does get beautiful fall color. I also watched the CMA awards...a nice show for the family to watch together, which is hard to find these days. Have a great weekend!

  2. Your fall colors are so pretty! That is definitely lacking here in HTX. How very cool that you tailgate for his students. Coolest professor ever! And those cookies!!! Your mantle is just the prettiest. I don't really decorate for thanksgiving other than some left over Halloween fallish stuff. I really should though. I think I'll go on the hunt for one of those ball garlands you mentioned. Have a good weekend!

  3. I caught the first hour of the CMA's - my favorite part was Dierks Bentley and Rascal Flatts' tribute to Troy Gentry. I've always been a Montgomery Gentry fan and loved that they dedicated a whole song to him. I thought Miranda looked gorgeous too - several of the women seemed to have an old Hollywood vibe. Her song choice was perfect, too. Love her! And yes, Tim and Faith are major #couplegoals!

    Love your Thanksgiving mantle and your impressive tailgating spread! I've never actually tailgated (I know, how un-Southern of me) but I think it would be fun to plan all the food!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I LOVED the CMAs. They do such a great job - it's one of my favorite award shows and one I actually watch all the way through.

  5. The fall colors were unexpectedly beautiful this year. It was such a sweet surprise. I am still loving those booties too friend. I need to grab a pair similar to those. I have just had the hardest time finding some that I like. Your mantle looks GREAT! I love all of the pumpkins friend.

  6. That picture of you and the kids is just perfection!


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