Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Olive's 3 Month Photo Shoot

I started thinking about Olive's 3 month pictures shortly after we had her newborn session.  I knew I wanted to do them but didn't want to spend a ton of money.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was able to book a session with my cousin (AKA the family photographer) while we were visiting Indiana.  I picked out 6 outfits and I prioritized them with my favorites coming first.  I figured we'd have an hour and that's how it worked out.

The minty dress was mine when I was little - thanks to my mom for saving it for Olive to wear.   The red dress is vintage and arrived in a package for Olive saying this dress was the start of her love for all things vintage!  The other dresses were gifts that I'd been saving for a dressy event.  I didn't bring many props to the session - hair bows, outfits and my great grandma's quilt.

Without further adieu...

 I LOVE them all... 
now comes the hard part of deciding which ones to print, hang and display around the house.


  1. Oh my word. She is so precious! That's so neat that she was able to wear your mint dress. And ALL of them of adorable and timeless. I would also like to mention that I NEED that chair in my life.


  2. Love that little Olive in the pink dress. They are all good but love that one. Thanks for the card Give my girl a kiss for me.....Grgram....


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