Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thrifting on Vacation

I love to thrift and finding a new place to do so is always exciting.
This little thrift shop is right in the middle of Jackson but has odd hours
so it had never been open on any of our previous attempts to shop there.
This trip was different...
a giant OPEN sign greeted us as we approached the shop.
The inside of the store looked a little like the show Hoarders
(think piles upon piles, stacks on the floor, things slightly categorized
but lots of digging was going to be a necessity to finding any treasures)
I looked around at their clothes, home decor, kitchen items
and nothing jumped out at me.
My husband found a shirt and a glass and told me to keep looking.
Side note: hubby doesn't love thrift shops and usually thinks they are kind of gross
so I was thrilled that he was getting into it and found some items for himself.
Maybe this will spark his interest for future thrifting adventures??

I started digging and rummaging a bit
and I found this teenie baby doll bed stuffed under a rack of clothing.
It was hidden by bags, a monster truck and other junk.
It was old, made of wood, had great detail and even had a trundle for a baby sleepover
BUT it had no price on it.
I pulled it out and showed it to my husband who insisted I go and ask about it.
It may have helped that I said baby Olive needed it for her dolls.
 His items came to $3 and when I inquired about the price of the bed she said,
"How about $6??"  SOLD!
Good thing she didn't ask me to give her a price, because I was going to say $20
I thought baby Olive would love to have this in her room for her baby dolls :)
I need to add a mattress, a coat of paint or two
and a baby bedspread to complete the look.

The boys were very curious about this new, small bed.
 All the small beds in our house currently belong to them
so I'm thinking they were claiming it as theirs.
What do you mean that this is for the BABY??  I am the baby of the family!
says Topher
Not for much longer little Topher :) 
 Happy Thrifting!!

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