Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heading to Jackson Hole

How should we spend a four day weekend??
Hanging up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming of course!!
We'd planned to go for Thanksgiving break 
but the stomach flu that hit our house forced us to reschedule for Valentine's weekend.

We were lucky that the weather was so nice 
and that they didn't get much snow while we were in town.
 Judging from the height of these snow sticks along the road
we were lucky that Jackson got very little snow while we were there.
I guess the snow plows need a guide 
showing where the road is when the snow gets deep...

The slopes head right into the middle of town.

We enjoyed walking around town during the day
 and at night.
 They have an ice skating pond in the middle of town in the winter.
 Everything was all lit up.
 I always love the antler arches but they seemed extra lovely all lit up.

 The blue skies and sunshine did us good :)

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  1. I love those antler arches!!! The trip looked lovely!! Sometimes I wish I lived out west with all the in NC if we get a few inches people freak out and suddenly don't know how to drive! Your outfits look so good on you and pregnancy has you just glowing girl! I'm interested to see how the cats react when Olive arrives!! Have a great weekend!!
    Go Irish!!


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