Thursday, February 28, 2013

Safe Haven

I love Nicholas Sparks and have read many of his books.
It's hard to keep up with all of his best sellers but they never disappoint.
I haven't seen all of his movies but I've enjoyed several of them.
Both my hubby and I were excited at the previews for Safe Haven.
We have always liked "Tad Hamilton" AKA Josh Duhmal.
Sparks is also a Notre Dame grad so he scores points with my hubby.

 Friday night date night was set.
Movie giftcards covered admission thanks to gifts from students.
We got sucked into the suspenseful movie and loved the characters.
Hubby did not love Josh's hair though :)

I knew there would be a tear jerker part because that's a classic Sparks' move.
I was waiting... got teary eyed a time or two but the last few minutes had me boo hooing (along with the rest of the packed theater).  My hubby was even teary eyed (don't tell him I said so) but I was relieved to see that other non-pregnant ladies were crying right along with me.  

The screen went dark, the movie was over and no one moved for a minute.  All you could hear were sniffles.  We all collected ourselves and our belongings then filed out of the theater.  I was trying to dry it up and Kevin wanted to talk and rehash the whole movie!  We were trying to recap it and he said:  Nicholas Sparks is like a magician of emotions!  Just when you think he's hit you with a sad part, he rips your heart out. 

Have you seen Safe Haven yet?
 If not, watch the trailer and you'll be hooked.


  1. I haven't see it yet, but I've read the book and can't wait to go!!

  2. I saw it. I thought it was okay. Not my fav of his, but it was good. I didnt cry or feel it at the end. I love Josh's hair, so there!

  3. I loved the book! Its one of his best! I actually got to meet him this past summer! He is so kind and genuine! I can't wait to see the film!


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