Monday, October 15, 2012

Making Mornings Better

I'm N.O.T a morning person.
I love to stay up late,
get more things done late at night and
hit snooze 10 times before dragging myself out of bed e.v.e.r.y. morning.

I'd like to be more of a morning person
and am using this list for a little inspiration.

My version:
1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier - maybe a set wake up time for every day.
2. I'd love to check my e-mail, blog and do a little on-line reading in the am.
3. Check the weather and eat breakfast.
4. Drink some water right away.
5. Review my daily to do list because I HAVE TO do this before I head to bed.

How do you morning people do it??
Please share your secrets with me.
Anything else I'm forgetting to get my day off to a good start??


  1. I used to never be a morning person but now I am...even on the weekends I'm up at 7!!! Crazy I know...I go outside first thing an get some fresh air an then turn my TV on something about the TV on makes it feel livelier in my house??? Lol-p.s. the Notre dame Stanford game was the best game ive ever watched...whoop whoop for the Irish defense!!!

  2. I forgot to put my name in my comment above oops...I'm brooke! I commented a few posts back an hope to have my blog up soon so I don't have to sign under anonymous! I do have a question for you though...I read one of your posts where you mentioned your cats don't mind a bath...if you don't mind me asking what's your secret? My kitty hates a bath an claws an fights an makes this god awful crying noise the whole time! Any tips for me?

  3. Hi Brooke-- Do you ever turn on Mike and Mike in the morning? If not, what's your show of choice when you get up? The ND/Stanford game was SO FUN!! It's nice to meet another ND super fan :) The weather was crazy and it's great to see the Irish doing so well this season. Good things are on the horizon. I use kitty bath wipes on both of my cats and they do really well with them. I blogged about my favorite brand a few months ago... Maybe you could try just doing their heads, or stomachs, and graduating to their whole body once your kitty get used to it?? Let me know how it works out. Good luck with your bloggy start up :)


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