Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Photo Printing Challenge

When is the last time you printed photos?

Are you in the habit of regularly printing them?  Updating your frames?  Making photo books?

I am trying hard to get better at printing pictures.  I love to have our frames current - with all 5 of us in them as well as some sentimental frames that never change.  The kids get excited to see our family memories documented around the house.

I've talked about the Walgreens app on Instagram a few different times, but it deserves a blog shout out, too.  Printing photos from the Walgreens app is super simple.  The app is very user friendly.  You never have to pay full price because there are always coupon codes available.  Usually the app will pop up a 20% or 30% off code when you log on.  But many times they offer coupon codes for 40-50% off prints, gifts, projects, etc.  Always google for bigger discounts to see if they are an option.

I used the code BIGDAY40 earlier this week and got 40% off my order.  The app offered me 20%.  I just swapped that code out for the bigger one at checkout.

I've ordered and been very pleased with the following things from Walgreens Photo:

Photo Calendar (available for one hour photo!)

Photo Magnets

Prints of all sizes

You just log on, upload the pictures you want to print, select the sizes, checkout, enter your discount code and then Walgreens keeps close tabs on your order.  You'll get an email when they receive your order, when it's done and when it's ready for pickup.  You can select curbside or drive thru pick up to make the process even easier.  Curbside is my favorite.  You pay online, let them know when you arrive and where you are parked and they bring it right out to you.  It's so handy!

Here is my challenge to you - PRINT THE PICTURES!

And tell me about it.  I'd LOVE to hear how it went for you.

It's okay if Walgreens doesn't work for you, but if you have one close to your home, I totally recommend them.  Then update your frames or frame some new favorite pictures.

I've done both this new year - gotten new frames and updated frames.  I decided our collage of sunflower maze pictures was looking tired.  Since we added a new member to the family this past year, I wanted Leo to be in our pictures.  I smile every time I walk past our new and improved family gallery wall.  I also framed the kid's school pictures from this year.

I am going to be better about printing pictures this year! 

My next photo project is to learn how to make and get into a good routine of printing Chatbooks for my kids to enjoy!  Have you done those before??

Good luck with your photo printing.  Keep me posted!


  1. Back in the Spring I was working on expanding my gallery wall so I took the time to print lots of photos. It has helped me think of other ways to incorporate photos in my apartment.

  2. I only print pictures for my gallery wall. I really need to print more.


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