Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Hope you've had a great week.  We've had a healthier, happier week for sure.  Nothing super exciting going on, but lots of sweet moments to share with you today.

1. It's Stripe Day!!
I got Fletcher dressed for the day.  Olive saw him and said IT'S STRIPE DAY and picked us both out coordinated stripes to wear.  I'm always up for family matching and Kevin snapped our picture before he headed off to work.

2. LARABAR Minis!!
I picked up this bag of LARABAR Minis at Sams recently and they've become my favorite snack.  They're around 100 calories, are filling and it feels good to read the short ingredient list.  I think my #1 favorite LARA flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  What's yours??

3. Hello Teepee
My kids got the cutest striped teepee for Christmas!  It's the perfect addition to our playroom and the kids play it in often.  It's full of pillows and stuffed animals.  I love that it was easy to assemble and  it's really portable if we want to move it to another room.  I couldn't believe it was only $58 and ships for FREE.  The quality is so nice and it seems like it will hold up really well.

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Dako Living Kids Teepee Gray, 100% Natural Cotton Canvas Teepee Tent for Kids, Comes with Carrying Bag and Floor Mat

4. Talking as Fast as I Can (from Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls)
I flew through this Lauren Graham book and really enjoyed it!  The highlights were definitely all the behind the scenes Gilmore Girls facts.  I smiled, teared up and just loved the book.  She also gives details about Parenthood, but I have never seen the show so that part was an interesting to me.  Am I missing out on Parenthood??

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Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between)

5. Chinese Broccoli
Where have you been all my life??  We were given some to try in one of our recent Home Chef boxes and it's SO GOOD!!  I've got to see if I can find it in my local grocery stores.

6. The Kids
Olive:  This may just look like a silly car picture to you, but take note... Olive has on SOCKS!  She's hated socks most of her life so the fact that she's (mostly) happy wearing (my) socks most days is something to celebrate!  She's letting her hair grow and cucumbers are her #1 favorite food.  She was telling me about a friend at school this week.  She said he cries a lot and seems so sad.  She said, "I wish I could just marry him and make him happy!" :) 

This little guy is SO sweet and SO BUSY.  He climbs everything, bites on occasion, has a future as a graffiti artist with his marker skills and is hungry 24/7.  This month I've found myself googling things like: What does thrown up blood look like?  What to do if your baby swallows glass?  Signs of a concussion in a 1 year old?  Can a baby knock your tooth loose?  He's so strong, so smart and so curious.  Which means I spend my spare time saying prayers that he makes it through each day safely.  He loves his Notre Dame hat backwards and isn't really a fan of socks either.

7. Slippers
These two are the best buds (95% of the time) and their love for slippers & jellycat animals is strong!

8. Yumbox
We are big Yumbox fans.  I even got Kevin his own for Christmas.  He thinks it's convenient and is only mildy worried that someone will think he stole a kid's lunch to take to work.  I'm working on a post of lunch ideas to share with you from the lunches I've been packing Olive for the past few months.

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YUMBOX Panino (Neptune Blue) Leakproof Bento Lunch Box Container for Kids & Adults

 9. News Worthy
The kids and I made the news this week!  We were at one of our favorite spots for science class and had our big news debut.  It was a fun surprise.  Also, the kids loved playing with this Snow Dough.  It was SUPER messy so I won't be making them any for home.  I'm just glad someone else was willing to make it and clean up the mess :)

10.  Fun Lunch
My kids LOVE to eat meals out of ice cube trays.  I fill each slot with their favorites and they gobble it all up.  I include things like hummus, pimento cheese, mini sandwiches, fruits, veggies, cheese, chex mix, turkey sausage, turkey pepperoni and a little treat.  They always seem to eat better when their lunch is cute.  I don't blame them.

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  1. We love our lunchboxes like those! They are expensive but hold up so well! This is our second school year using them!!
    That is an awesome Tee-Pee! Ella would love it but we have no room!!
    Happy Friday!

  2. Happy Friday friend!!! You seriously make the BEST lunches for your are totally my hero!! I have heard so many good things about the Yumbox...I might have to invest in some for my kiddos!!

  3. You had so many fun posts this week. Your photograph of your ice cube tray lunch is so good by the way and random I know ;). Love the stripes, the slippers and the fun you all had this week! xoxo ERIN

  4. Three things:
    1) LOVE Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Lara Bars - YUM!
    2) You NEED to watch Parenthood - one of my top 3 favorite series of all time!
    3) Yumboxes are the BEST!

    I think we could totally be friends... ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love the stripe day & those Lara bars! YES, you NEED to watch Parenthood - SO GOOD! Those lunches look so yummy too. Happy Friday :)

  6. I wish I could just marry him and make him happy. LOL! I'm off to check out the yum box! That looks handy!

  7. I didn't know that LaraBar minis even existed. I'll have to check them out. I agree with you, I think Chocolate Chip Cookie dough is my favorite flavor. I like the Blueberry Muffin one as well.

  8. Your kids are so so cute!! Love the stripe picture and the sweet slipper pic!! We love yumbox (and bentgos), I have enough so one can be in the wash and one can be a lunchbox for all my school age kids (even my 4th grader takes one). I loved Lauren Graham's book too! I watched Parenthood and while my husband really liked it, I really didn't. If you don't mind a sob fest then it's great and I know a lot of people love it but I just can't wait things that make me sad.

  9. That is so cute about stripe day! Your kids sound very sweet! Your son climbed so high in that picture. Parenthood is a great show, you'd probably enjoy it! I use boxes for lunches and my son's is getting a little small for him, I'll check out yum boxes!

  10. Parenthood was one of my favorite shows. I compare it to This Is Us, just in terms of the family theme and the tears that come practically every episode. But I liked Parenthood way better than This Is Us.

  11. I'm so glad everyone is feeling better this week! So fun that you were on the news, too! Life with little boys sounds exciting and terrifying at the same time. :) Paul tells me stories about the things he and his brothers used to do - quite different from the calm, quiet life my sister and I lived! LOL.

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  12. For lunch, we usually have "ice cube" lunches. That's what CJ calls them. I don't know what it is about the tray, but he usually eats every single bite.

  13. Your kiddos are so cute! Love how they detest the socks but love the slippers:)


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