Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas Break

I couldn't let our Christmas go undocumented so better late than never :)

We celebrated our Christmas on the 23rd.  Santa just happened to be in our neighborhood a little early so we were happy he stopped by.  We woke up to a thick dusting of snow and gifts to open.  It was the perfect quiet day at home.  We stayed in our pjs, ate yummy food and played with all of our new toys.

We headed out of town on Christmas Eve to spend the week with our families.  The weather was freezing, but we still had a great time.  We packed in a lot of fun and down time.  We've learned it's just not any fun to go go go every day with little kids.  For the second year in a row, Fletcher came home from Christmas break with a stomach bug.  Here's to hoping he doesn't share.

A few real life highs and lows of Christmas break:

1. Fletcher found a pink highlighter and colored an entire WHITE couch cushion hot pink at my inlaws.  Quiet 1 year olds = trouble.  Thankfully my MIL had some cleaner that got it all out.  I almost died when I saw it.
2. Both kids came home sick - colds & stomach bugs (2nd year in a row for Fletcher).
3. Our cat, Oliver, was a total pain to our kittysitter and we got some phone calls about it.
4. The temps were freezing or below freezing so we stressed a bit about making sure our pipes didn't freeze at home while we were out of town.

1. We all slept better than usual this trip.
2. We got some surprise gifts that were really exciting.
3. We got to snuggle our newest baby nephew and visit w family that isn't always in town.
4. I found some great deals at my favorite stores & made it to Target three different times.
5. We squeezed in a couple of birthdays, lunch dates, friend gatherings and family parties.
6. Kevin and I both took turns doing solo things that we enjoy while the other hung out with the kids.  We've learned that kids don't enjoy having tons of plans every day so it was nice to do some fun things and let them just hang out to play with their toys.

Christmas tree lunch:

Plate of goodies from our neighbors.  They make all of their own cookies, chocolates and treats.

We worked on our letter to Santa, baked him cookies and got everything read for him to come.

The kids LOVED their gifts.
Hatchimals, mermaids, doll house and a purse were Olive's favorites.
Race track, cars, toothbrush and a vacuum were Fletcher's favorites.

 They also got mini snow shovels and insisted on trying them out in their pjs.

Easy Santa breakfast.

We saw Christmas lights with some friends.

Then we headed to Southern IN on the 24th.  Kevin's mom had her house decked out so cute.

 The 24th is our engagement anniversary so it was fun to have a little snow to celebrate.

We got to snuggle our new nephew and the kids loved opening gifts.

Twas the Night before Christmas...

Play hard.  Nap hard.

We had Christmas lunch at Kevin's grandparent's house.  My kids are obsessed with their tinsel covered tree, dishes of chocolates scattered all throughout the house, dancing Santa and delicious food.  We look forward to this gathering every year.

We headed to Christmas with my family for an early dinner.  The cousins always have the best time together.

My mom set a pretty table.

My sister made some delicious Mint Chocolate Chip Blossom cookies.

Fletcher got to sit with the big kids and he had NO PROBLEM keeping up with them.

Our traditional Christmas meal.

We celebrated my nephew's bday on the 26th.
The kids had a fun time celebrating Austin and making cars out of candy.
Fletcher just shoved as much candy as possible into his mouth while everyone else built.

We enjoyed the Christmasy views.  Fletcher kept taking the ball ornaments off this tree and throwing them like really balls.  Luckily they aren't fragile.

We got donuts a time or two.

We planned a girl's shopping day in honor of my sister's December birthday and we had so much fun.  We hit our favorite stores, got lunch and the day flew by.  It was definitely a highlight of our visit.

He wouldn't nap for his dad, but made googly eyes at me when I got home to rescue him.  He's a mama's boy for sure.

We met some friends for dinner and dessert.

Caught up on some cute movies on Netflix.

Rode the carousel at the mall.

We baked Christmas cookies with the official sprinkler :)

How was your Christmas break??


  1. Oh my goodness!! You guys had such a great holiday!!! I can only imagine your thoughts when you saw that hot pink cushion. HA!!! It does not surprise me one bit- as Marshall is seriously SO crazy when it comes to getting a hold of a marker!!
    I love all of the festive things you did and the picture of you and sister is SO good! So happy you guys had such a wonderful Christmas!!! Happy New Year friend!!

  2. Wow! Such a great summary - and what fun you guys had!! You will have to share with us how your mother-in-law got that marker out of her couch cushion, that sounds like a practical tips that I could benefit from knowing! Fletcher sounds like he is at such a fun age, and both your kids to get cuter and cuter every day! I missed your blog last week and glad you are back! Happy new year!

  3. Looks like you had a great time. The highlighter incident made me chuckle, I would have died too! Funny story, on my wedding day my 2 year old niece was supposed to be napping in the priest's office but when my sister-in-law went to get her she had colored all over herself. They spent the next 30 minutes scrubbing her down so she didn't look yellow in all our pictures! Luckily they had taken her dress off! We have had our fair share of incidents with sharpie markers at our house! Happy New Year! xoxo ERIN

  4. So many fun memories made. Oh Fletcher,and the highlighter...I bet you did almost die when you saw it. EEK! Glad it came out! What a fun sisters day of shopping!! :)

  5. Cute cute kiddos! Fletch and Tell are just two peas in a pod! ha That looks like a wonderful holiday, and I feel you completely on the sick kid front. Hit us the week before Christmas, same as last year. But the highlights definitely outweigh all that ; ) xo

  6. Looks like y'all had an amazing holiday--except for the kids getting sick. Lots of fun memories. I may have been on that carousel a time or two. :)

  7. What a fun break! The pink high lighter is totally something my kids would do! Glad you had some fun but sorry about the illness!

  8. Sounds like it was all in all an amazing Christmas. The highlighter made me gasp. I can totally imagine the look on your face and the way your heart must've sunk when you found him. SO thankful that all worked out okay.

  9. I just wanted to say your post just made me smile. My Christmas break was pretty rough, so I haven't smiled lately so thanks. I definitely missed your blog.

  10. Wow - sounds like a lot of fun and super great memories for your family!! And so many sweet goodies:)

  11. Glad y'all were able to have such a great Christmas!


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