Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I Struggle...

I loved the prompt from Momfessionals this week called I Struggle... I am looking forward to reading all of the things that people write about.  I'm sure there are plenty of silly things along with serious things that people are struggling with.  I think it's a good reminder that everyone struggles with something.  So here are the things I'm currently struggling with:

I struggle with going to bed before 1am every single day.  I just get so much done from 10pm-1am that it's hard to stop and go to bed.  Then every morning around 7:30am I am wishing I would have gone to bed a little earlier.  Is it silly that I am proud of myself for getting in bed closet to midnight??

I struggle with 4 year old bedtime.  Fletcher goes to bed EASILY at about 8:15pm every night.  Olive takes an HOUR+ to go to bed lately.  It's like a three ring circus to get her to stay in bed with potty, drinks, stories, etc.  I know she's tired and we've seriously tried all the combinations/routines without any great success.  I;m sure it's just a phase, but go to sleep already sweet girl!

I struggle with wanting a new screen protector on my phone, but not wanting to spend $40 to get one.

I struggle with making new friends.  We've moved SO MUCH in the past 5 years that it's hard to make and keep good friends.  4 states in 5 years will do that to you.  I try really hard to make plans, schedule things and plan outings with friends, but sometimes I just want to stay home and hang out with zero pressure to be friendly/outgoing.  Honestly, we have made some really sweet friends in our city so that motivates me to keep working on it, but it is definitely something that I work on every single day.  I gave my phone number to a mom at swimming lessons last week because we had a really nice time talking.  I had to give myself a serious pep talk to do it, but I'm hoping it'll be a fun friend to get to know.  Anyone else have this problem??

I struggle with night time snacking!  I've been doing so good drinking TONS of water, eating healthy all day long, but when the sun goes down I get so munchy!  I've just had to STOP buying my favorite candy or sweet treats to ensure that I don't stuff my face at night.

I struggle with frizzy hair.  I've be working on finding a good summer/humidity proof routine and hoping it'll get me through the hot months.  I've also been working on learning to braid my own hair so here's to hoping for some cute, non frizzy hair this summer.

I struggle with finding a church home.  We are back at our church search in our city and we've found a church that we think is pretty promising.  We've gone a few weekends in a row and enjoyed it.  However, both kids are struggling with their kid classes.  Fletcher loses his mind at the sight of the nursery which isn't all that surprising since he basically does the same thing when I leave the room anytime.  Olive loves her class, is learning a ton, but she struggles with being on her own surrounded by kids and adults she doesn't know.  I don't really blame her, but I'm hoping that we can push through to get both kids to the point where they enjoy going to their own classes at church.  Sunday mornings aren't easy right now.

I struggle with growing my nails.  My hair grows super fast, but my nails are always short.

I struggle with taking tons of pictures and then they all just sit in computer files.  I don't have a great printing routine and tend to just print on an as needed basis.  I've been meaning to print some chat books, have been meaning to delete pictures that I don't want to save forever from my computer, etc.  At least I've always been good about blogging the special moments of our life since 2011.

I struggle with hanging anything on the wall straight.  I don't like to measure, don't have a great eye to eyeball things and usually end up knocking 6 holes in the wall to get something right.  So I've been leaving all the hanging of things up to my husband lately.

I struggle to finish books that don't catch my attention right away.  For example:

I loved the idea of the book Creative Calm in the Center of Crazy by Nicole Johnson.  It seems like everyone would benefit from more calming in their days.  I was disappointed in the slow start to the book.  I struggled to relate to Part one of the book where Johnson was detailing her story without giving many details and it was very slow to wade through.  Part two was more interesting and applicable giving ideas for actually creating calm in your own life.  Part three was definitely the best part of the book!  I really enjoyed it and wished there would have been much more written on the boundaries, keys and calm sections.  These pages were filled with interested research, quotes and tons of helpful application to real life.  I loved her thoughts on boundaries with technology, getting your entire family on board with creating calm and setting yourself up for a life filled with being in the moment, gratitude and calm.  I'd recommend this book, but be sure to tell the reader that the best content is at the end of the book.
*I was gifted this book from Booklook in exchange for my honest review of it.

What are you struggling with these days?
Can you relate to any of mine??


  1. I have enjoyed reading through these too. On the church part, could you try just attending the worship part for a few weeks and then attempt the kids classes once they are familiar with a few people? Not sure how large the church is but maybe they would allow you to stay with Fletcher in his class for a while. I know that isn't the ideal but it might help them get more comfortable with some of the new faces before you leave him in there. Church attendance with little ones is just not easy for a long season. But just trust me that the people there love to see young families attending and it's totally worth it to stick it out. :)

  2. I struggle with pretty much the same list you mentioned above!
    I have a 5.5 month old that generally goes to bed by 8:30 every night but I'm lucky if my 3.5 year old is in bed by 9:30!
    I also struggle with making new friends. My husband and I moved about 4 years ago but with 2 kids and a full time job finding time to make friends is impossible!
    I recently started my own version of the 21 day fix this week and am hoping it helps drop some of this baby weight. Unfortunately I am still breast feeding part time and my body is clinging to fat.
    I too have frizzy hair! Oil helps tremendously.
    We have yet to find a church around us with a nursery. Very very disappointing.
    and lastly I too struggle with printing pictures. My plan is to print them every quarter but that typically doesnt happen.
    Thanks for sharing your struggles!

  3. I wish I could stay up past 9! Some nights I'm so tired I go to bed around 8 or 8:30. #partyanimal I struggle with friends too. We are so busy tending to the farm, it's hard to get away sometimes. I struggle with snacking while at work. I feel like all I get accomplished is snacking. We're in the beginning processes of finding a new church home. We go to the church I was raised in, but we're finding that there aren't any young couples or strong kids program for someday. I fight frizzy hair all year around. I'm trying to stick to just styling it curly and not straightening it. My nails grow like no other; my hair on the other hand barely grows. I'm taking vitamins to help grow it out, but it's a turtle's pace. I started using Command hooks to hang things up. They make them with nail heads. Then if it is crooked, I can just take it off and reapply. The bigger, heavier things I leave for the hubby to hang. Thanks for sharing your struggles, because more likely than not, we all have the same ones. :)

  4. I have the worst nails. They never grow and break and peel. I have no clue why!
    And we've chatted about the late nights... I do my best work between 9-12.

  5. Praying that you feel at home in a church soon girl. I know how hard that is. 2 years and counting 😢. I also understand the late nights more. I get SO much done when I stay up late. I don't love it though.

  6. I definitely struggle with the bedtime thing too! I can get so much done after everyone is in bed, but I love getting extra zzz's too. Lol the struggle is real!

  7. Yes on the making friends and finding a church. It's really hard to make friends for me. I call myself an introverted extrovert. I love people and having a good social life, but I struggle to initiate and introduce myself.

  8. I've been staying up that late too and it's just crazy! lol! But I just don't want to go to sleep. I want to keep blogging and watching my shows and eat my snacks....which brings me to the fact that I'm a horrible night snacker as well haha!

  9. Haha I can never hang things straight!

  10. I relate to every single one of these things! Thanks for sharing these with us. I was going to mention to check eBay for a screen protector. I get my iPhone tempered glass screen protector or on there for under five dollars including shipping. Just be sure you check the box for a US seller, or it will take a really long time to arrive. Hope that is helpful. :-)

  11. Ummm I struggle to stay awake along enough to mke it through Lawter's hour long bed time fiasco. Haha I get up around 5:30 these days and am sooooo tired at night. L must be a night owl like you! I'm struggling with living out of a suitcase, 40 minutes from my work, gym, friends, and kids daycare. The commute struggle is real after being spoiled and living 3 minutes from everything for years! Reaaaalllyy looking forward to being in my new house!


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