Monday, December 5, 2016

North Pole Breakfast

Do you have any traditions that kick off the Christmas season??

We try to get our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving and for the past several years have done a 
on December 1st.  It feels like we're in full Christmas mode when we have our tree and breakfast is planned.  I look forward to putting it together every year.  I know some people have their Elf on the Shelf arrive at their Christmas breakfast, but we aren't doing that.  We did Kindness Elves last year and that was fun, but both seemed like too much work this year.

I started collecting things for our breakfast as soon as Christmas items started coming out in the stores.  I made the best use of things we already own and added in a few new things for this year.  I tried hard to include things that would make the breakfast feel special - like letting my daughter drink her milk out of a coffee cup in stead of a sippy cup.  It didn't cost me anything and she LOVED it.

I set everything up the night before so that the kids would wake up to a special breakfast.

 It's our tradition to include the following things in our breakfast:
a new pair of Christmas pjs
a couple of new Christmas books
a couple of new Christmas ornaments for each kid based on their current likes
one shared gift - the puzzle this year
a fun Christmas themed breakfast
Christmas music
and we kick off our advent calendar

North Pole Breakfast Supplies:
Minnie Mouse Pjs - Wal-Mart
Fletcher's pjs - Kohls
Santa puzzle - Melissa and Doug @ TJ Maxx
plates - Target
placemats - Kate Spade napkins
napkins - IKEA
spoons - Dollar Tree
ornaments - Hobby Lobby & Wal-Mart

 I was excited for the kids to wake up on December 1st and be surprised.
They excitedly took their places at the island and started checking everything out.

 Fletcher was thrilled at the variety of cereal he had to eat 
and Olive was excited to see sprinkles all over her plate.

Ho Ho Ho Here comes Santa Fletcher :)

 I used our left over Halloween candy to fill our advent calendar.
Olive was thrilled and kept sneaking in to eat candy from different boxes.  It'll be a miracle if we end up with any candy in there after one week.

 I really look forward to planning this breakfast every year.  And it can be done anytime in December!!  You still have plenty of time to plan a fun Christmas breakfast for your family.  The smiles on my kid's faces make my heart happy knowing we are making special family memories together

Did you start any fun traditions with your family on December 1st?
Advent calendar?  Elf on the Shelf? 


  1. Love your North Pole Breakfast!! So much fun. Fletcher with the Santa hat kills me. Ha ha!!

  2. Fletcher in that Santa hat, SO cute! I am LOVING those Minnie pj's that Olive hast too. You did a great job Whitney! I totally forgot to turn the holiday tunes on for ours this year. I made need to have a repeat since I was feeling distracted that day.

  3. I LOVE this idea!! Maybe next December 1st I'll actually get my crap together and do this lol.

  4. The Santa hat with beard is too cute! You have the most creative ideas and I know your kids will always remember those special memories and holidays.

  5. Next year I want to do a North Pole breakfast and celebrate St. Nicholas Day. We don't do either but I would love to.

  6. I would love to hear what Olive said when she came into the kitchen. Did she expect the same thing the next morning? I love the ornaments you picked. Where did you get the letter ornaments?


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