Friday, December 2, 2016

The Highlights - Trees, Treats and Traditions

 We had a busy week at our house!  We got back from Thanksgiving break and hit the ground running.  We headed to a local tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree, cleaned and decorated the house, kicked off Christmas all while both kids were dealing with colds/fevers and not sleeping great.  I feel a bit behind on most things right now because all of my free time has been spent snuggling and caring for the babes.

The best parts of our week were:

// 1 //
Oh Christmas Tree!
We have gotten a real tree for the past several years.  I didn't grow up getting real trees, but now that we've started I don't think I can ever go back to fake ones.  Are you a real tree or faux tree fan??
We tried to visit this local tree farm last year, but it never worked out and we ended up at Lowes.  So this year we saw their signs posted for opening weekend and we headed there to pick out our tree.  They had tons cut and then fields full of trees you could cut yourself.  It was pretty cold so we opted to pick from the pre cut trees.  They were beautiful and it didn't take us long to pick a favorite.

We snapped some pictures and then the man who was helping us told me to get in the picture so we could get a whole family shot.  Thank you, sir!!  I didn't want to bother him and ask so I was beyond excited when he took off his gloves and offered.  We paid, got some candy canes and headed home with our tree.  We got it all set up with lights on it and it's so pretty.  The only downside is that I think I'm allergic to the tree - no sneezing thank goodness, but my hands got all itchy and swollen after I put the lights on it.  So I'll be watering and decorating from a safe distance.

Olive insisted on sniffing every tree option and it was sweet to see their Baby Jesus display in the barn by all of the trees since Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

 // 2 //
North Pole Breakfast
We had our third annual North Pole Breakfast on December 1st to kick off Christmas at our house.  I put most things out the night before and the kids LOVED waking up to find goodies.  Check back on Monday for some tips and more details on how we do our breakfast each year.


// 3 //
We went shopping for a mini Christmas tree for Olive's room and as soon as she realized that purple was an option she had her mind made up.  We came home with this sparkly purple tree and it looks so cute in her purple room.  I keep catching her sitting in her room just staring at it.  Can't wait to decorate it with her.

// 4 //
 Christmas Sneak Peek
I'm working hard to get our house all decorated.  We got new stockings this year and I'm working hard to make sure our house is festive and SAFE for this little baby tornado.  He's into everything these days - crawling, climbing, pulling up.  I forgot how BUSY this stage of life is.  He's so proud of his new skills, but he can't be left alone for a second.

// 5 //
Christmas Treats
I love baking and eating treats this time of year!!  Red and green sprinkles make everything better.  We made some Christmas Snicker doodles for a friend and are already making plans to bake a batch of sugar cookies for our neighbors.

What was your FAVORITE part of the week??
Do you have your house decorated yet??

I hope you have a really great weekend!!
We have a Christmas party to go to and are hoping to get some things done around the house.


  1. I cracked up that Olive had to smell the trees. Silly girl! Love her purple tree. Very fitting for a little girl and so much fun to decorate. I hear you on decorating with a little tornado in mind. My youngest is into everything, so I have to be careful. Have a great weekend.

  2. North Pole breakfast! Such a sweet idea! I adore her purple tree - it's beautiful! :)

    I've been decorating all week and hoping to finish up tomorrow. With our kitchen still completely torn up, Infeel like I don't have as many spaces to put Christmas things. Time to get creative! ;)

  3. I had a sweet older man offer to take a family photo for us the other day. I was so happy too. Those photos feel so few and far between. Love your breakfast and that purple tree is so perfectly Olive!

  4. We have also kicked off the Christmas season at our house with several fun things. My favorite part is getting new Christmas books. I love sharing my favorites with Jack. Also, I love Kevin's coat. We do a fake tree and always have. I would love to have a real tree one day because I love the smell of them. I'm excited to hear more about the breakfast on Monday. It is so cute and you can tell both kids loved it. And Girl....bless your heart with Fletcher right now. It is so hard to always keep your eyes on them. Even today (with Jack being 4) he had a handful of beads in his mouth. Baby tornados are lots of work. How are y'all keeping him out of the tree?

  5. We're fake tree people, but I think I will have to do a real tree some year! Your North Pole Breakfast looks so cute!

  6. I bought a 4 ft purple tree for my old room at the old house cause it was purple. Not real sure I can continue to use it anymore, but Peyton loves purple. Maybe I can pass it on down to her. I love the idea of the North Pole breakfast.

  7. such sweet photos, i loove that one with your littlest by the fireplace with all the books in that basket. enjoy!


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