Monday, August 12, 2013

Whitney's Fajitas

One of my husband's favorite meals is 

I've grown to like them and finally figured out the best way to make them.
Here's how I do it for 2 people:

 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper and 1 yellow onion
Wash peppers and give them a few minutes to dry off
Cut them up into generous chunks
 3 small boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Heat the pan with a drizzle of olive oil, add chopped veggies 
and sprinkle with your favorite seasoning.
They cook better if the pan is hot before you put the veggies in.
 Keep stirring
 Let chicken thaw if frozen, trim and cut into slices.
 Keep stirring those veggies.
 Cook chicken and sprinkle your favorite seasoning on both sides.
 Veggies are looking good at this point.
Use a non-stick pan - this one is my go to pan.
 Flip the chicken and keep cooking.
 The veggies are done and it's time to combine the cooked chicken to blend the flavors.

My fajitas are ready to be assembled.
 I have the following toppings are chopped and ready to kick off the fajita assembly line:
refried beans
cheddar cheese
shredded lettuce
chopped tomatoes
taco sauce
soft taco shells

 Build your own:

I think we could eat this meal every night :)

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