Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mini Cake Bunting DIY

I decided to make a homemade cake to celebrate our anniversary last week.  I used my husband's nana's recipe for Buttermilk cake from scratch and it turned out great.  I was excited to decorate it and knew that I didn't want to do colored frosting and couldn't do typical birthday style decor since it wasn't a birthday cake.  

I've always loved the look of the mini buntings that I've seen on cakes but have never attempted one before. I found a great, printable alphabet bunting for free from simplyklassichome and got started.  You'll need access to a printer, a glue stick, twine, poles for the bunting (I used skinny candles) and scissors.  Then decide in advance what you'd like for your bunting to say.

Here's how I did my bunting:

Print two alphabets so that I'd have the right letters for my message.
Carefully cut them out. Be sure to cut straight so your bunting looks neat and fold the piece in half.

*It's really helpful if your baby sleeps through this whole project 
because it's not really very baby friendly :)

Measure out or eye ball how much twine you'll need for your cake.  I used my cake plate as a guide to see how wide and then cut it so I'd have plenty of extra on each side.  You definitely don't want it to be too short.
 Rub glue on the inside of each letter on the whole white side 
so that your bunting stays together and doesn't pop open.  Be sure to slide the twine in before you seal it shut.
 I started with the I and made sure to do appropriate spacing so it would be readable.  Once my whole phrase was done, I cut the twine so that both sides would match.
 I let mine sit overnight and added it onto the cake right before we needed it.  I double knotted each side of the twine on the skinny candles.  You'll have to play with the length and placement a bit so that your bunting doesn't dip down onto your cake and that both sides are even.  If you use a glue stick, you can alter the position of the letters to get it just right.  I had to move my letters closer together because I'd originally made it too big.  Be patient and it'll come together nicely.

 I added heart sprinkles around the edge and a 9 candle since it was our 9th anniversary.
 The cake was delish and my husband was really impressed with how I decorated it.  He thought it was really cute and said that I definitely needed to blog about it :)  Done!  Hope you can give this really inexpensive, easy way to decorate a cake a try!!  I'd like to try it out with two strands of bunting to say Happy and Birthday or Good Luck or Congratulations next time.

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  1. Hello Whitney!

    I love the mini bunting you created for your cake~ it is darling! And the cake itself looks amazing! :) I think that was so sweet of you to bake your husband an anniversary cake! I don't think I have ever done that before...scones once for breakfast, but not a cake! I am inspired to do this now, WITH the bunting decorating! :)

    I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far!


  2. I just love bunting on a cake. I made one for my daughter's bday this year. Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Katie @

  3. You are always baking up the most delicious desserts!! Happy anniversary!! You have such a beautiful family... Oliver and Topher included!!!

  4. Super cute idea! I never know how to decorate cakes and I don't do well with trying to write on cakes. This is a great option! Thanks for sharing.--Rhonda


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