Monday, July 1, 2013

My blog is TWO today!!

Happy Birthday Dear Polka-Dotty Place!!

I started blogging two years ago to keep in touch with friends and family that lived far away and to document the fun things that I was doing at home and in my classroom.  I wondered how long I'd blog for and I wasn't sure I'd like being a blogger but I am having so much fun blogging that I may never stop! :)  I've got lots more to say, lots more to show you and many new ideas that I want to try out.  Thanks a million for reading; let's all eat a special dessert to celebrate!


  1. Congratulations on your Blog-aversary! I enjoy your blog, Whitney.


  2. Happy anniversary!! I love your blog so much and look forward to what you have planned for the future!! Absolutely love the pics of the boys!! So sweet how much they love each other!! And Olive is growing up too quickly! Make her slow down!! Hope your packing going smoothly!!


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