Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hosting Bookclub 101

I was thrilled to volunteer to host my book club this month.
It was only the 2nd meeting of our club but I looked forward to it all week.
We read:
I was a little nervous about selecting a good book that would be a crowd pleaser.
It was an enjoyable book that facilitated great conversation.
We talked about friends, family and just got to know each other better.
We also decided that the book made us realize we needed friends,
that we had to put forth effort to make friends 
and we had to go outside of our comfort zone to find friends.
We had a lot of fun together.
I'd highly recommend this read.
Plus I found out that Rachel Bertsche has a blog:

Back to the hosting part:
I sent out invitations, maps to my house and waited for the girls to show up.
 I had enough seats for everyone, in a circle so we could easily chat.
 Coffee table filled with snacks.
 My contributions:
pumpkin shaped pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, M&M chocolate covered pretzels
festive napkins and eating utensils
Everyone brings a little something to share so we ended up with a fun assortment.

Oliver was excited to join in the conversation.
 He was curious about the visitors but mostly kept to himself.

Topher was the lookout and watched for the girls to arrive.
He was overly friendly.
Jumping up on laps, meowing, rubbing on everyone's legs,
digging, sniffing and crawling into every purse that entered the place.
Purses had to be zipped up.

 Can't wait for the December edition of our book club next month.

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