Friday, April 3, 2020

Spring Scavenger Hunts

Happy Friday!  Hope you've had a nice week.  Our weeks seem to be an emotional roller coaster lately.  Lots of big feelings and taking things a day at a time.  Indiana schools just announced yesterday that school is cancelled for the remainder of the school year and will be moving to do everything online.  We were all sad.  I was hoping life could resume in May for Olive in first grade, but we have to set our eyes to August now.  We're still processing what this learning at home will look like and trying our best to stay positive.

Are your kids out of school for the year??  I really feel for all the families with young kids.  It's so tough to try to resume some school routine and I'M A TRAINED TEACHER.  I spent 6+ years learning the ins and outs of teaching little people and I'm still overwhelmed at the thought of it.  So I'll keep sharing how we're learning and try to be an encouragement to everyone that finds themselves in our same boat.

I have some Spring scavenger hunt ideas to share with you today.  I've been trying to come up with fun things to do with my kids since the weather has been SO NICE this week.  It makes me excited for Spring.  Plus more sunshine, blue skies and warmer temps will be wonderful, too. 

We hopped on our bikes armed with my cell phone several different days this week to go on scavenger hunts.

Neighborhood Landmark Hunt //

Bike or walk around your neighborhood and snap pictures, cross items off a list or just say you've found interesting items around your area.

Take turns being the hunt leader.  My kids loved taking turns choosing our route and being in charge of our adventures.  The face bush is always good for a few laughs.

Spring Flower Scavenger Hunt //

It was so easy, so flexible and so much fun. 

1. Spot as many different Spring flowers as possible from the road.

2. Snap a picture of them.  Kids spotted the flowers and I took the pictures.  Older kids could probably do the picture taking on their own while managing their bikes.

3. Come home and review the varieties of flowers, names, scents, colors, trees vs flowers, etc.

4. Repeat until you've covered your whole neighborhood.

Biking is exhausting and requires leg breaks if we bike too far :)

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Our neighborhood coordinated a clover hunt, a rainbow hunt, a teddy bear hunt and now an Easter Egg hunt for kids to do.  People are putting eggs in their windows and landscaping for kids to spot.  We just walk/bike through and look for them.  It's a fun way to get the neighborhood involved.

I Spy Tree Edition

The kids have also been climbing trees and playing I spy from a new vantage point.  They are totally in charge of this game and just have fun spotting different things.

You could also pack a backpack of books and read in a tree when you're done like Olive.

In case the weather isn't great...

ABC Scavenger Hunt
Let your kids cut apart magazines, ads or newspapers to find words that start with every letter of the alphabet.  You could modify this to be a food scavenger hunt, animal scavenger hunt, capital/lower case scavenger hunt etc.  It would be a great way to practice fine motor skills of cutting, gluing and sharing their findings.

Color Scavenger Hunt
Collect items of every color of the rainbow.

Book Scavenger Hunt
Look for book titles for every letter of the alphabet.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Such creative ideas! That bush with the face is hilarious! Is it cut to have a face or is it just looking like one by itself? To funny! Our neighborhood is doing scavenger hunts for little ones too - I love how people really work together during times like this. ❤️

  2. Our schools are supposed to go back on May 4, but I really doubt that will happen. I'm really grateful to have older kids right now that I don't really have to "teach." I haven't even had to tell them to stay off their screens that much, since I think even that is getting old for them. Have a good weekend. Can't wait to hear some big news next week. :)


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