Friday, July 12, 2019

Lake Life

We went to a really fun 4th of July party at my friend Whitney's house last weekend.  It's always a highlight of our Summer to head to her family cabin and enjoy the day.  We tried some new things this year, enjoyed a giant potluck and games and then had to head home early without seeing fireworks.  Crazy Summer storms rolled in!

We headed to meet up with friends and were ready to enjoy a day at the lake.

The kids LOVED the lake, the slide and we tried something new: TUBING!  Our kids had never been on a boat on a big lake before so that was our first adventure.  They seemed to really like it.  Then my friend offered to let us go tubing.  I hesitated at first.  I wasn't sure I would enjoy it.  Ha!

My kids are super brave and almost always willing to try new things.  Kevin's the same way.  So I put on my big girl pants + my life jacket and got in the tube.  I trusted my friend who was driving the boat to be careful with us and my kids were so excited.  We did a couple laps around the lake and called it quits to make sure that Fletcher got motion sick.  It was such a fun time!  We were all brave together and were so thankful for the fun Summer memories.

So all that to say... sometimes you should say YES to things that scare you!  It'll be fun!

I promise!!

Noodles for the grown ups and puddle jumpers for the kids.

Kevin & the kids loved the boat slide.  Kevin took turns being the Slide Dad - helping kids go down the slide and catching them at the bottom.

Boating Adventures.  Kevin had to hold onto Fletcher and I had to keep an eye on Olive.  We were thankful for the bucket seats on the tube :)

Everyone brought something to share.  It was so good!

Tons of festive food.

And TONS of toads.  The kids loved collecting them in cups and letting them go :)

Game time!
Throw the pool noodle through the hula hoop!  I held a friend's baby while Kevin helped with games.

Sack races.

Silly string battle.

Face paint.

Tug of War!

Such a fun, hot, humid day!!

Happy Friday!!  Hope you have a great weekend :)

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  1. What fun!! I love that you went tubbing together - I’ll bet your kids will be talking about that for a long time! And I love your cute blue top!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! We have a boat and while the boys have tubed off it many times I have never had the desire to try it out (I lost my joy of boating and tubing when our son was almost run over by another boat one year-- it's hard to "unsee" that and enjoy the fun again). So much scrumptious food.

  3. What a SUPER fun day!!! I LOVE boating and tubing. So so fun y’all have such great friends you get to do fun things with!


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