Tuesday, July 9, 2019

He's 38 and feeling GREAT!

Happy Birthday, Kevy!!

Cheers to a wonderful 38th year!!

We love you TONS.

You're the fun one in the family.
You make sure we're all happy.
You plan our trips and adventures.
You help us navigate through life.
You have become quite handy over the years and can fix so many things around the house.
You are our problem solver and our first call for help.
Your coffee cup collection rivals the biggest coffee shops.
It's been fun to watch you make time for golf again and get the chance to be the MVP.
You're the best griller memorizing our orders.
You pay attention to all the details.
You're thoughtful and kind.
You love reading.
You love reading to Olive every night.
You are our #1 guy.

Olive: We love playing games with Daddy.

Fletcher: We love going to the pool with you.

We can't wait to celebrate you all week :)


  1. Happy birthday Kevin! Hoping your day is wonderful!

  2. Happiest Birthday Kevin!!!! I know you are going to spoil him and he is going to have the BEST day!!

  3. This is such a sweet post for your birthday boy! Hope he has a great one!!


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