Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I have lots of random things to share with you today.  Enjoy!

1. You will not find me wearing any of the following trends this Fall/Winter: open toed booties, torn hem jeans or purple lipstick.  They just aren't for me.  I don't find open toed shoes comfortable at all, I don't mind distressed denim, but the uneven hem bugs me and true purple lipstick just isn't a color I want to try to pull off.

2. Having sick kids is the most isolating thing.  You have to cancel all plans, skip school and barely leave the house for daysssss.  It really wears on you and then by the time your kids are finally recovering you end up with a version of whatever they had.  Thanks a lot, kids.

3. I just realized that neither of my kids really have jackets or winter coats this year.  Whoops.  Guess I need to do some shopping.

4. It feels so good to clean out your closets.  I've been purging all of my clothes, shoes and kid clothes.  It's fun to make a little money in the process, too.  I'm starting with selling my kids clothes to Once Upon a Child and my clothes to Style Encore.  I know they won't buy everything so now I'm trying to decide what to do with the leftovers.  Have you had any luck with any sites like Poshmark?

5. I've pulled more gray hairs this month than I care to count.  I made the mistake of telling Olive I found some white hairs.  Now she glances at my hair from time to time to point out some "whiteness".  She sure knows how to make a girl feel good.

6. I'm rarely the fun one in our family so it's nice to say YES to things like splashing in the puddles in our pjs.  I think I was a little stir crazy after several days of cabin fever.  The kids loved it.

7. I got a good haircut from Great Clips.  It was under $20.  I've had my share of terrible hair cuts over the years so my secret is to have the manager cut your hair when you go to places like Great Clips.  I've always been happy with the cuts they give.

8. Did you see that the Coach brand is changing their name to Tapestry?  I kind of hate it.  I haven't actually purchased a Coach item in years, but I loved their vintage stage coach emblem tags on several of my leather bags.

9. My secret to eating less sweets during the holidays:  Try to mostly bake and buy things you don't really care for.  My husband loves apple crisp, Snickerdoodles and anything cinnamony.  I'll eat all of that, but I don't crave it.  My kids love Dum Dums and Smarties.  I don't care for either.  So when I pick their favorite sweet treats for them I'm not that tempted to eat them.

10. Olive's current favorite song is Andy Grammer's Honey I'm Good.  It's a catchy song, but probably not the best 4 year old anthem.

11. Fletcher hasn't had a bottle in a couple of weeks and he's basically given up drinking milk.  He takes one sip from his sippy cups and shouts YUCK.  He'll drink water, but zero milk.  What should I do?  We've tried to give him milk in every sippy cup we have and even bought a new one for his milk.  He'll take a few sips, but not drink much.

12.I love decorating with pretty candles and have pretty logs in my fireplace, but I never burn either.  They're just for looks.  The only candles that I burn are the ones on birthday cakes.

Could you relate to any of my confessions??  Tell me a good confession in the comments.


  1. So sorry to hear about Fletcher and I wish I had some advice for you friend. All I can do is say that I will pray you figure out something that works :(. I am with you on #1 I even think some of the booties are cute, they just feel really impractical for me. #5, YES!!! Over the past 6 months they have just gone out of control.

  2. I hadn't heard about the coach name change hmmm that's random! Sick kids can be SO isolating I agree. I didn't know you didn't burn candles, I only burn them in the fall and at Christmas. Rarely any other time! xoxo ERIN

  3. How do you get the manager? Do you just ask? So smart! Henry went through that with milk too, but he came back around. I'm. Not sure how helpful that is tho. Love your sweets idea. So good for holiday baking. I wonder what coach is thinking!! That seems like a terrible idea!

  4. I am with you on those booties and purple lipstick. When I had my makeup done at Merle Norman for my Bridal portraits (back in 2004) they insisted I try some purple lipstick. They had done some lavender shades of eye shadow (looked better than that sounds). As soon as I walked out the door I wiped that stuff off my lips so fast! I put my normal blush pink color on (which actually goes with my skin color) and it was perfect. My daughter never would drink milk either once she was done with her bottle. Now she will drink it from time to time but she likes it flavored. She loves water though. That can't be a bad thing!

  5. I don't have any desire to wear open toed booties, either! I rarely maintain my toenail polish in the winter (nevermind that I usually wear closed toe shoes year round). I have a pair of open toe wedges that I'm never sure if I should wear - are they wintery because they're black or summery because they're open toed? Ha! I don't like milk either. I don't even like to kiss Paul if he has a hint of milk on his breath. That's probably not what you wanted to hear, but I feel Fletcher on the "YUCK!" response. :)

  6. Almond milk for Fletcher? Both my boys liked almond milk better than cow's milk when they were transitioning off a bottle. It's got calcium, and if you buy the unsweetened kind, there is zero sugar in it. He might like the taste of that better, and then maybe he'll come around to cow's milk!

  7. #9 -- that's how I've survived all the holidays since February. Any carry-in or cook-out we attend I opt to bring something I don't like so that I'm not tempted to take something home with me.

    #11 -- Connor ONLY drinks water. He hasn't drank milk on a regular basis in quite some time. Maybe 2+ years. He will drink chocolate milk so we let him have it once a week but it's not something we keep at home. If I'm going through the drive thru for a Diet Coke, I'll get him a chocolate milk. His dr. says as long as he is eating other dairy, we shouldn't worry.

  8. Purple lipstick...I never thought it was for me until I got purple peek-a-boo highlights in my hair. Then I rocked that purple lipstick. My summer soccer team wears purple, and I'm kinda a superfan so it was a purple summer. My fall/winter/spring team wears red though, so I switched to red highlights (bright red) and bright red lipstick. My husband thinks it would be much easier to just wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt to support the teams, but I only wear black shirts, so that's a no-go option for me.

    On the milk...I put 1.5 tsp of Carnation Instant breakfast into warmed up milk and call it "hot chocolate." My kids drink it withough complaint, but they refuse all plain white milk unless it's in their cereal.

    Also, don't worry about giving the kids chocolate milk. It's the best recovery drink after strenuous physical activity (like soccer games). All the athletes drink it now following their doctor's & trainer's orders. Seriously. It's science.

  9. Crazy that he won't drink milk... hmmm Maybe try a milkshake? LOL or a smoothie with milk in it?


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