Friday, May 30, 2014

Are You Good at Hurting People's Feelings?

People pride themselves on the things they are good at doing.
They draw attention to those areas of their life and want people to focus on them.
They want awards, recognition, raises and praise for them.

People tend NOT to focus on the negative aspects of their personality.
They ignore the less than flattering things they do
and often fail to consider how their actions impact others.
Some people are really
Not a flattering attribute and
Not something you'd want said about YOU.

Are you snippy to your spouse?
Do you have a bad attitude?
Do you roll your eyes when you think others aren't looking?
Do you make faces?
Are you a professional at making things difficult on others?
Do you gossip?
Do you ignore birthdays?
Do you check out and get lost playing on your phone?
Do you avoid interacting with others?
Do you have one sided conversations?
Do you turn down invitations to do things?
Do you watch TV instead of visiting?
Do you ignore texts, phone messages or emails?
Do you disregard nice gestures?
Do you fail to make eye contact?
Do you find yourself often being angry?
Do you pay attention to your tone of voice?
Do you think about the words that come out of your mouth BEFORE you say them?
Do you complain within earshot?
Do you demand things go your way?
Do you act appreciative?
Do you let your bad attitude dictate your behavior?
Do you speak unkindly to those you love?
Do you smile?
Do you only think of yourself?
Do you ever think about how your actions impact others?

What  simple changes can you make in your day to day routine that would benefit everyone you interact with?  Start with just a few, very doable things and see how your relationships improve right away.

There are LOTS and LOTS of people around you that could really use some love and kindness.  Your friends, family, coworkers, kids and neighbors would ALL benefit from you starting to think about how you can serve the people around you.  Take responsibility for your behavior and aim to be kind to those around you.

I challenge you to start thinking about 
(if you don't already :)
and how your actions impact them. 
Try hard to be encouraging to others,
to smile and to love the people you interact with.
Make a conscious effort to be pleasant and positive.
Life is short.
Be kind. 

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