Monday, February 20, 2017

Types of Moms

Before I became a mom, I had grand plans for what kind of mom I'd be.  It seemed pretty clear cut and I just knew my plan would play out nicely.  Reality hit and two kids later some of those ideas just seem ridiculous now.  I do my best every day and some days are easier than others.  Motherhood really is a wild ride and I think we are all just doing our best :) 

So What Type of Mom are YOU or What Type of Mom do You Hope to be??

1. Healthy snacks always or fix snacks you know your kids will eat?
Ideally we do a mix of favorites + healthy snacks.  Sometimes it's fun to have fruit snacks along with our apple slices, carrots and cucumbers.

2. No food in the car or meals on wheels in your car?
Never leave home without snacks.  Snack on the go, snack in the car, etc. because hangry children make life hard.  I also keep a granola bar or two in my bag for myself.

3. Diaper bag packed and prepared for ANYTHING or just the necessities?
We could live off the content of my diaper bag for at least a day.  We've got outfit changes, diapers, wipes, treats, snacks, drinks, bandaids, toys, a book, wallet, pens, etc.  Everything I could ever need is in there :)

4. Wake up hours before the kids for some productive quiet time 
or stay up late to have some alone time?
I am not sure that I will ever be able to be a morning person.  I like the idea of it, but I just LOVE working hard after everyone goes to bed.  I get so much stuff done and it's lovely to have a quiet house for a few hours.  I wake up with the kids, but everything is ready to go for the day thanks to my preparation the night before.

5. Bows, dresses and all the fun shoes
or just happy your kids are wearing clothes?
Pre-kids Whitney had grand plans of playing dress up with her children and picking out fancy clothes for every day.  Real life Whitney has kids who have big opinions about their wardrobe.  So we stick with soft, comfy, cute clothes and no big bows.

6. DVD player in the car or no screen time?
Both.  We have a DVD player for long road trips, but never take it with us when we're just driving around town.  We have a basket of car books, some car toys and silly music to keep us occupied around town.  

7. Always try on clothes in store before you buy them or
 on-line because the though of trying on clothes with your kids as an audience sounds awful??
Never try on clothes when shopping with the kids.  Try to avoid shopping in store for clothing with kids and shop almost exclusively on-line.  Order a few sizes and return what doesn't work or leave your kids with your hubby and try things on in peace.

8. Kids must sleep in their own beds or
please just go to bed somewhere so we can all get some sleep??
Ideally, kids would all be sleeping in their own beds, but it doesn't always happen.  Fletcher slept in our room for a long time, Olive ends up in our bed after scary dreams and we just make it work in the name of please let us get some sleep!!

9. My way or the highway or
compromising is the name of the game?
Before I had kids I had much more of a rule oriented, my way or the highway idea to parenting.  Now that I've lived it I realize we do a lot of compromising or deal making so that our days work well for everyone.  I'm not a pushover, but our days seem to work better when we all have opinions and compromise.

10. Kids should use tissues if they have colds or
every item you are wearing will become a tissue at some point?
My clothes always end up with all kinds of traces of kids on them.  I had envisioned us being great tissue users.  However, I'm thinking that comes with age and one day my scarves won't double as face and nose wipers.

Can you relate??
What mom things have you had to change your mind about??


  1. This is awesome. You and I answered the same to most of the questions. It's funny how you change once you have kids. Ha ha! I loved your answer for the last one and how your scarves end up as nose wipers. :)

  2. Lol! This was so cute Whitney. I am kind of past some of this with older kids but it was a really fun way for me to reflect back to my baby days. I remember intentionally wiping noses on my shirt someday (it wasn't ever a nice shirt lol). I hope you guys have an amazing Monday.

  3. Great list! I think about what kind of mom I'll be someday and I'm sure whatever my expectations are will be thrown right out the window when that actually happens haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Oh I can remember saying "I will never do that" when I become a mom! Ha that statement came back to bite me in the hiney very quickly.
    What a great post!

  5. I've been doing this motherhood gig for 4.5 years and I still can't get myself to go to bed early enough to be a morning person who wakes before the kids. It's just not in me. I love my sleep and get so much done in the evenings.

  6. I too had grand plans for motherhood. In all that planning I never took into consideration that my kid would have their own ideas of how they would want things to go. I find myself giving in more than I ever thought I would. I also never thought I'd be the mom to feed her kids frozen pizza and corndogs. Now, I'm just happy that he eats. I always thought I'd be more ridged when it came to discipline but it turns out I'm not that way at all. I'm much more laid back. Seeing my kid happy and healthy has trumped all the things I had planned on doing.

  7. My ideas about what kind of mom I'd be might have been "on track" with #1 but two kids has made me a changed person and I'm sooo much more anything goes than I was/thought I'd be. Baths and the perfect healthy menu matter much less when you're doing those battles x 2. haha I am however still a preparer and my diaper bag/purse contents can always handle what's thrown my way. haha Plus I'm a morning person and always planning ahead to ensure daycare bags are packed and people have what they need.

  8. Love this! I think at the end of the day doing what works for you and your family is most important- regardless of whether or not someone else doesn't see it as fitting. I do think it's funny all the things you say you'll never do before motherhood though lol (like eating in the car haha)

  9. This is so cute. I want to be the mom that always has the diaper bag ready, but sometimes it gets depleted and I forget to reload it!


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