Friday, February 10, 2017

Hooray for Friday!!

Hooray for Friday!!  I don't know about you, but I'm really ready to wrap up this week.  My kids have been sick since last weekend and we are all ready to be feeling better.  I also had several moments where I wondered if I was being filmed for the show Punked or trying to come up with a new story line for those Series of Unfortunate Events books.  Let me explain...

1. My car battery died when we were loading up to go somewhere.
Thankfully it was an easy fix that my husband could take care of and we could take his car in the meantime.  My car now has a new battery and new wipers so it ended up being fine.

2. I got really LOST out in the country while trying to find a friend's church.
I got invited to go to a painting party last Saturday and it was at a church I've been to before.  I thought I knew how to get there and forgot to take into consideration the new highway.  So I text my friend and say I'm just a few minutes away.  I start driving and realize I'm going in the completely wrong direction.  I'm not sure which exit to take so I get off thinking I'll circle back around.  The area is under construction so once I got off the highway I couldn't get back on.  I pulled off to type the directions into my map app and realized that I had no cell service.  So I just started driving and was IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!  I tried to all my husband - no answer, text my friend, and keep driving.  Nothing looks familiar and I'm on the verge of crying because now I'm late and still lost.  I stop again, plug in directions again and have slightly better luck.  I turn around, call my friend, call my husband, am now 20 minutes late and all the sudden end up in the middle of a tiny town.  My phone starts working and I eventually find my way to the church.  It wasn't a big deal in retrospect, but I don't think I've ever been that lost in any of the big cities we've lived in.  Country roads are no joke!!

3. We had lots of fun plans with friends last week.
Everyone ended up sick - colds, coughs and high fevers this week.

4. Bananas are just as slippery as they appear in all the cartoons.
Fletcher loves bananas so I feed him banana slices several times a day.  I fed him some on Sunday morning and thought I had everything cleaned up.  I ran to the grocery store by myself and hurried home to unload them.  As I was walking to the pantry, I stepped on a lone banana slice and went flying!  I slammed into the wall, hit the ground hard and smashed our new loaf of bread.  I was on the floor before I even knew what happened.  Everyone rushed over for the commotion and I find a smashed banana slice on the sole of my boot.  Ouch to my still sore shoulder and wrist.

5. Super Bowl Party NOT
We planned to fix yummy food for the Super Bowl and have a meal at home.  We figured the kids would go to bed early and it would be a nice, relaxing evening.  Wrong.  Both kids spiked fevers of 101-104 and we spent the evening snuggling, giving meds and trying to keep them cool.  We took shifts snuggling and eating and didn't catch much of the game. Some party....

See why I'm ready for the weekend??  haha :)

Despite the crazy week, we still managed to have some highlights:

 // 1 //
60s and Sunny + SNOW in the same week
We had a beautiful day on Tuesday - temps in the 60s and sunny.  We went on a walk, explored our neighborhood and played in our backyard.  It was a nice change of pace.  Then we got a couple inches of snow on Wednesday.  We had a blast with both!

// 2 //
 Loaded Queso
While our Super Bowl Party was a bust, this Loaded Queso recipe I made up was delicious!  Check back next week for the recipe.  We'll definitely be making this again and again.

// 3 //
Valentine's Day Fun
We painted, did some crafts and other fun Valentine's Day themed things since we were home together all week long.  I treasure any kind of hand or foot print art so I enjoyed making these foot hearts.  I was really happy with out my painting turned out after going to that painting class with my friend.

// 4 //
Mini Road Trip
Kevin surprised me with an evening road trip to Target & a new burger restaurant in Indianapolis.  He came home from work early, moved the car seats to his car since my car battery was dead, got coffee for us and got on the road.  We had a great time strolling through Target and a fun evening at Teddy's Burger Joint.  I love that he planned the whole evening for us and Olive loved the live music.  The burger was delicious, Olive loved my bun and I'm a sucker for sweet potato tots!

// 5 //
Target Haul
I picked up some Valentine's Day and birthday plates for the kids.  Both have Spring birthdays so they'll be perfect. I also found a box of Valentine Funfetti so we will be making that sometime in the next few days.

Polka-Dotty Place Week in Review:

Tuesday: Lovely Projects

What was your FAVORITE part of the week??

I hope you have a really great weekend!!


  1. Sounds like we both had a sick week. No fun! Love those plates! So cute!!! Also love that craft and your painting turned out so well!

  2. Aaahhhhhh. What a week friend!! I really do hope everyone is on the mend as it can feel like you are in a tunnel when kiddos are sick and your entire schedule is just OFF. I absolutely love that Kevin planned a fun family night out!! I need to check out where that burger place's seems like such a fun place to try out!! Hope you have a great weekend friend! :)

  3. Oh no, that's a lot of bad things to happen in one week! It's awesome you were able to find some great things that occurred too. I think the artwork looks great. I love hand and foot print art too. My mom has a couple pieces from my nieces and nephew and they are all on the wall!


  4. Oh my gosh I'm dying over the banana story!

    I am the most directionally challenged person ever, so lost with no service would be noooo bueno for me lol. I'm glad you found where you were going!

  5. I've also slipped on random pieces of fruit on the floor (though I was the one eating it). It is almost like a cartoon except for the 2.3 seconds you think you're going to die.

  6. Jack has seen too many cartoons and will take banana peels and put them on the floor on purpose. Thankfully I haven't slipped yet. I've never heard of sweet potato tots. Those sound delicious. Do you dip them in anything? I hope your weekend is better than your week. I watched a few plays of the Super Bowl and that's it. I was exhausted after Garth. Here is too a great weekend!

  7. Oh man getting lost is no joke. I have only had that happen ome other time and I was not a fan, at all.

    So sorry y'all have been fighting sickness again. This year has been a rough one for everyone.

  8. I hope you have all had your last share of the germs and yucky this winter. I know we are throw with it!


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