Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fashion Finds

Are you an Old Navy frequenter?  
I used to love it, fell out of love and am back to loving it.  They have some great things this season and I thought you might want to know about them.  Their women's and baby department are really well stocked right now.  Their winter lines are right on trend and the sales make everything pretty enticing.  I tried on several different plaid shirts, but felt like I was kind of in between sizes.  So the hunt continues for the perfect plaid shirt.

Here's my haul:

Olive green quilted vest.
It's thin and has great details.
$34 but paid $28 with coupons
*I've seen these for 3 times this price at other stores so I felt like I hit the vest jackpot!

printed tshirts $4

Zippered wristlet $4

 Olive got several embellished graphic tees but none of them are on-line.

High to Low Peplum Gold Polka-Dotted top $8

basic cardigans $10

Winter coat
and by winter I mean SOUTHERN winter coat :)


  1. I have that vest! I bought it the last time they had it, two years ago. Love it to pieces but the zipper broke on it. Old Navy is one of my go to stores!

  2. I have a $10 off coupon to Old Navy that started yesterday so I'm going to go this weekend and get that vest!! LOVE it!

  3. Haha, love the clarification on the SOUTHERN winter coat! :) You got some great stuff! I don't shop at Old Navy as often as I should...I'll pop in there asap!

  4. Such cute stuff! I'm a sucker for Old Navy. Just used my Super Cash today. :-)

  5. I have that vest in the same color and it's quickly becoming a wardrobe staple!

  6. Love all of these finds! I love a thin quilted vest! I was handed down a green jcrew one this season - its poofier than I wanted, but I can't justify another green vest - haha.


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