Friday, January 31, 2014

Highlights of My Week

Happy Friday Friends!!  We took a little road trip and stayed close to home the rest of the week.  It was a good week filled with lots of smiles and time together.  The best parts of my week were:

1. I made heart cinnamon rolls that were so yummy!!
My husband said they smelled like love!!

2.  Olive turned 8 months old this week!
Can't believe she's getting so big!!

3. We went on a road trip to Mississippi and enjoyed some delicious BBQ, toured Jackson and did a little grocery shopping at the local Piggly Wiggly.  I pretended I was an extra in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton :)
 amazing bbq, mac & cheese and the best baked beans everrrrrr

4. Hotels win major points with me when they have make up wipes waiting in the bathroom for me.  Thank you Cabot Lodge :)  They also had a free cocktail hour and served freshly popped popcorn.

5. I get excited when my husband has to dress up for work
and LOVE when he lets me dress him :)
I pray he lands a job where he'll have to wear a suit and tie every day!

Here are my Finish This statements of the week...
I use my green thumb 
to buy green things because I can't keep a plant alive to safe my life.

The secret to life is

I get my money's worth by
using an item frequently and shopping around for the best deal.

On a scale of 1-10, my level of organization is a
9 thanks to lists upon lists and a brain that rarely shuts off.

Handwritten notes are  
a necessity at my house and are written daily.
Hope you have a great weekend!!!
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Heart Cinnamon Rolls

It's always fun to put a holiday spin on a classic recipe.
I made our family favorite cinnamon roll recipe with just a few changes
and got yummy heart cinnamon rolls!!

Roll your dough out into a rectangle.
 Top it with your favorite toppings.

 Roll the dough in from both sides and meet in the middle.

 Slice and shape into hearts on a greased pan.
 Leave room to let them rise.

Bake for 18 minutes and let cool a little.

 Ice them while they're still warm so the icing melts over them.

 You can also  top with a little pink icing after they are completely cool.
 These were a big hit at my house!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

wiww Selfie Edition

My outfit pictures consist of selfies/iphone pictures this week.  
Not the best quality,
Not a full length shot
but I still love them.

Here are two of my outfits this week:

1. Pattern Mixing Ladies
scarf - GAP
cardigan - Loft
earrings - Charlotte Russe
Olive's outfit - Kohls
headband - Babies R Us

 2. Doctor's Office Selfie
cardigan - Loft
pearls - Macys
top - JCPenneys
earrings - Charlotte Russe

I recently saw this video about selfies.
It addresses self esteem, positive self image and celebrating YOU!
I haven't take a lot of selfies but this video makes me want to take more!
This Will Forever Change the Way You Look at Selfies or

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Slip Ups

My husband is a smart guy.  He reads a lot and has been in school for the majority of his whole life.  When I ask him for suggestions for a book to read for fun, he suggests a classic upwards of 600 pages.  He has a great vocabulary and enjoys writing.

Funny thing is... he can't get an idiom right to save his life.
It's endearing and I find it HILARIOUS.
I've told him to ban himself from using them in public
but he loves to use them.
He tries hard, thinks he has it right and is disappointed when he realizes it's jumbled.

I keep a running list on my phone of these little slip ups...
He says...
The idiom actually is...

 Torrential down fall.
Torrential down pour.

Black horse.
Dark horse.

Hit the hammer on the head.
Hit the nail on the head.

I'll see it when I believe it.
I'll believe it when I see it.

Throw my ring in the hat.
Throw my hat in the ring.

Speaking to the choir.
Preaching to the choir.

Holy monster.
Holy terror.

Short fix.
Quick fix.

Road sick.
Car sick.

Measuring people up.
Sizing people up.

Being a wet noodle.
Being a wet blanket.

That won't fly over well.
Won't go over well.

I totally biffed it.
I totally spaced it.

Do it while it's hot.
Strike while the iron's hot.

Dot your t's and cross your i's.
Dot your i's and cross your t's.

He sure makes me laugh :)  I even brought home a book from my classroom that I used to teach idioms to try to help him learn them but it hasn't helped much. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Favorite Game Day Foods

I'm sure many of you are starting to make plans for your Super Bowl 2014 menu so I wanted to help you out.  I thought I'd put together a list of my favorite appetizer/game day recipes for you.  Hope you find something delicious you can make for yourself or to share at a party.  We are huge football fans and LOVE LOVE LOVE Peyton Manning.  So we are extra excited to be able to cheer on one of our very favorite guys.  Go Broncos!!

We LOVE all of these recipes so it'll be hard to pick just a few things to make next weekend.  We are having a low key Super Bowl Sunday at home so I will be sure to make our family favorites.  I'm hoping to do a few appetizers and one dessert. Do you have a favorite recipe to share with me?  Leave me a link because I love trying new recipes!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Coral Pear Baby Moccs

Santa heard Olive's plea for some baby moccasins 
and surprised her with a GOLD pair of her own!!
I'd been admiring all the colors
and finally decided on GOLD since they'd match everything.
They attract attention wherever we go and people always want to see them up close.  They think get rave reviews from everyone.  Olive loves to feel them and chew on them.  They are the only shoes that stay on her feet.  She's able to pull them off if she tries really hard but it's only happened once or twice.

We love our accessories :)

 She wears them with socks and without and they look great.
The gold is just as sparkly as they were when they arrived.
I'd highly recommend buying a pair for you baby or for a gift.  I used their sizing chart and bought them a little big so that Olive would be able to wear them for several months.  I'm already thinking she could use a red pair, an OLIVE green pair and maybe one of their mary jane styles.
Check out their on-line shops:

Highlights of the Week

Happy short work week to you!!  We had a three day weekend and it made me think that we should find a way to repeat that real soon!  The weeks has flown by and we have really enjoyed ourselves.  These are the best parts of our week:

1. I tried a new recipe for these cookies and they were SO good!!
You should give my recipe a try.

2. We got to spend a little extra time together this week.  Kevin was home and we didn't have any big plans but strolling around Sams, running errands, going for walks and watching movies was the perfect way to spend the weekend together.  Olive was thrilled to see more of her da-da.

3. I started watching Crazy Hearts: Nashville on A&E and I'm hooked!!
I'm kind of obsessed with it and look forward to watching it each week.
Have you seen it??
Ah the drama with Lee & Leroy, all of the love interests and intertwined story lines.
You should definitely check it out.
Plus it kind of makes me want to move to Nashville.

4. We ordered take out Chinese this week and this was my fortune...
the meal was delicious and the fortune was perfect for me.

 5. I'm usually a pretty big dessert snob...
let me explain...
I only like homemade and want it to be fresh.
I blame this on the fact that my mom is a great baker and taught me to love only the best.
However, I got a coupon for a free apple pie at Sams and no one is more surprised than me to tell you that it was really good!  The crust was tasty, the cinnamony filling was great and the only things that I'd change is to add more apples.  Keep this in mind if you don't bake pies or if you are ever in need of a quick dessert to pick up.

Finish It questions for the week:
A typical day in my life...
involves lots of sitting on the floor playing with my baby.

You'll never see me...
waking up early in the morning to get things done.

If I could buy one thing right now, it would be...
a great pair of ankle boots.
I have high expectations for...
myself and everyone around me.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!
Thanks for stopping by.