Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Save or Splurge on Home Decor

I get so excited to find great deals on home decor!  I love decorating, but I don't love breaking the bank to do it.  Sure, there are big ticket things to splurge on like rugs, couches, etc.  But, you can find so much for your home at great prices.  Let me show you my latest finds:

1. SAVE  on Kid Tables
I've been a long time fan of kid tables and always knew I wanted one.  I love the look of Pottery Barn Kid's Tables, but definitely didn't love the price tag of over $500.  So I started look around and saw an adorable kid's table from the Better Homes and Gardens line at WAL-MART.  It was a metal table and the chairs came in sets of two.  It comes in several different colors although many are out of stock right now.  It was only $120 for all three pieces with free shipping included.  

Kevin said it was pretty easy to assemble and it's really sturdy.  The kids LOVE sitting here to do art, crafts, snacks and meals.  I LOVE seeing them sit together and it's perfect for them.

2. SAVE on Bedding
Olive requested a purple room when we moved into our new house.  So we picked out a fun shade of purple and then I went looking for a bedspread to go with it.  I wanted to pick out something that would last for several years because we don't redecorate our bedrooms regularly.  I wanted something she could grow up with and this beautiful floral quilt was perfect!  I found it on Amazon and then did some google searching/price checking to ensure I got the best deal.  I found it on the Kohl's website for $40 more than Amazon.  So I quickly snatched it up from Amazon and was pleased to get a great deal.

3.  Save on Rugs
Plaid rug from RUGSUSA
I had been searching high and low for a plaid rug for Fletcher's nursery.  I couldn't find any that I loved until I saw this one at Rugs USA.  I ordered it during a super sale + had a discount coupon code and have been pretty pleased with it.  I qualified for FREE shipping.  The rug looks nice in the nursery and is a fun print for the space.
I do want to warn you about a few things with Rugs USA... they very loudly broadcast that they offer FREE returns.  However, you have to pay to ship the rug back to them.  It's expensive to ship back and often will cost you over $30 to mail it back exactly as they mailed it to you.  They'll refund you what you paid for the rug, but you're out the money to ship it back.  The rug pads they offer aren't always the idea size for your rugs.  I got a rug pad for this rug and it's a couple inches short all around.  It's slippery on a wood floor and I wish they offered rug pads to match the sizes of the rugs.  I've ordered a few rugs from them and overall been pretty happy with their store.  

Have you SAVED on any great home decor lately??
I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the table and chairs. It really makes me want to get one for my kiddos. The kids look adorable sitting there together.

  2. The kids furniture is so cute. Love the style!

  3. Great finds! That little table is the cutest thing! I've ordered from rugs USA in the past too, but have been hesitant lately. The rug I need is a 9 x 12 and I just don't want to deal with the return in case I don't love it! What to do.... By the way, I think I saw on Pinterest or somewhere that you can do some hot glue gun on the backs of rugs to keep them from slipping around. I don't know if that would work on your rug or not, but it might be something to look up?

  4. Love that table! You know I'm a huge fan of finding steals at Walmart… I am Looking forward to decorating the kids' new bedrooms in our new house with lots of Walmart finds!!

  5. What a cute table! I'm on the hunt for a new set myself, so thanks for the tip :)

  6. I can't believe you got free shipping on that table and chairs set! We're very grateful for our $20 Ikea table & chairs for our daughter - she uses it constantly!

  7. That table+chair set is adorable. I love that they have an area for them to play and draw on. I need one of those for my daughter.

    So nice catching up with you today, Whitney. =)

  8. Cute finds! Our kids table/chairs are a garage sale find. I love the one you have!

  9. Love all of these finds friend. I have thought your kids table was adorable on more than one occasion. Kinda makes me wish we still needed one.

  10. When it comes to home pieces I try to save on the little things like decor and pieces for our rooms since they aren't places others see so high quality products aren't needed.

  11. Rugs USA is my favorite for huge rugs CHEAP! I seriously haven't found better prices that them for my massive rugs needs in this house.

    I adore that little table and chairs. I have been wanting to update the one we have- so I'm going to look into this one!!

  12. Cute table! Every time Noah colors or paints off the paper and onto the table I'm relieved we didn't get the pottery barn one!

  13. I love the table! We have a wooden one from KidKraft and while I love it...I've thought of painting it. That bed cover is gorgeous! Stopping by from the link-up!


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