Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Make Your Own Snow Day

We have only gotten a little bit of snow in Indiana this year.  We have yet to get enough to build a snowman with so I've had to improvise.  My daughter has just discovered the movie Frozen so she's always walking around singing Do you want to build a snowman?  We have no snow in the forecast.  We will have to just settle for building our snowmen indoors for a DIY snowday for now.  Hopefully we'll end up getting more snow before winter is over.

We've been EATING snowman shaped foods.
Lunches, pancakes, bagels and donuts can all be turned into cute snowmen :) 
These are a few of our favorite snowmen over the past few years:



Doing snowman ART projects:

READING about Snowmen.
My favorite snowman books are definitely the Snowmen at Night series by the Buehners.  I have a special spot in my heart for these Utah based authors.  This husband and wife duo (she writes and he illustrates) came to my school years ago when I was teaching and I was thrilled to meet them.  They signed all of my books, posed for a picture with me and seemed to appreciate my enthusiasm for their lovely work.  They also told me that at the time they had several of their favorite original illustrations hanging in their home.  If you haven't read this series of books you need to ASAP!

Playing Snowman GAMES:
My bloggy friend Stephanie came up with the cutest snowman game!!
It's called Snowman Says and she gives you all of the details and instructions in her post
Here's a sneak peek at her game printable:

 Have you had much snow this year??


  1. I think we may have to get creative around here too. I am starting to think it will never snow again :(.

  2. Oh my gosh! I would have just loved meeting them. The bookworm in me gets giddy over things like that.

  3. Wow! How neat to meet the authors! Those illustrations are just so pretty.
    I love all your snowmen themed foods! I hope y'all get some snow soon! Are you having a mild winter? We had exactly three days of cold. :/

  4. Now I can't stop singing "Do you wanna build a snowmen?". We have had mild to warm weather. I want some winter weather, especially snow. It would be fun for at least one day. Such fun activities. As an elementary librarian, I too love the Snowmen books. So cool that you met them!


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