Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Home Tour: Fletcher's Room

Today's the day!  Fletcher's bedroom tour is finally ready.  His room has been done for oh about 3 years so it's way past due.  He loved this space and it was the sweetest boy nursery. 

We did a photo shoot of his room and then shortly after moved all of his stuff out.  The nursery furniture stayed.  Fletcher moved to a big boy room with Olive.  This room is in the process of being transformed into a fresh new space for Leo.  We felt a twinge of sadness to say goodbye, but were mostly thankful for the sweet years in this room.

Let's start the tour.

These M&M guys are his favorite to draw right now.  He's covered his door in them :)

His room is a mix of vintage and new.  Hand me downs and straight from the store.

Those white shoes were my baby shoes.  Kevin found this vintage Fletcher baby powder with Olive oil in it and gave it to me for Christmas the year I was pregnant with Fletcher.

My sister sewed this alphabet for him and I turned it into a mobile.

The built ins really came in hand for SO much storage.

 This wooden dresser was in my nursery when I was a baby.

My sister also made this sweet banner.  It hung on his hospital bed when he was a newborn.

Thanks for being such a great room!  Fletcher loved it!

I spent many, many hours rocking kids in that rocking chair/recliner.

I put together this bulletin board for Fletcher's first birthday and could never bring myself to take it apart.  It's wild how much babies change in one year.

Both Olive and Fletcher have used this nursery furniture and are passing it on to Leo.  I felt extra thankful and extra sentimental as they both hopped in the crib for a photo op.  They're going to be the best big sister and big brother.

Stay tuned for a big kid shared bedroom reveal in the coming weeks! 
Their new room is coming together perfectly.


  1. I totally love the mix of vintage and new! So cute. What a fun find that baby powder can was. Your sister is so talented! How is Fletcher doing with the change?

  2. I love his room, and it must have been so bittersweet to switch things up for the arrival of Leo. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics change with F going from the baby in the family to the middle child. I hope you are feeling as comfortable as possible at 9 mths pregnant!

  3. So special! I think I remember when you bought the giraffe print ❤️ I adore those built ins - and I love the whole color scheme in his space. How exciting to be bringing Leo home to this nursery in a few weeks!


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