Friday, November 20, 2015

The Highlights

It was a wonderful birthday week at my house.  Lots of yummy food, fun with family and cheesecake for dessert.  The weather has been cool and it's been great to wear lots of layers.  My hubby got the "man flu" aka a cold this week so he was a bit under the weather.  He's feeling much better now, no one else seems to have caught his cold and we are looking forward to a little weekend getaway to Chicago.

The BEST parts of my week were:

1. I got a new Kate Spade diaper bag for my birthday from my hubby!!  We picked it out during the last big sale and it's so pretty!  It's the exact same style I've been carrying for the last 2.5 years and I can't wait to start using it when baby boy arrives in April.  Any birthday that includes a little Kate is a good one in my book :)

2. I did a little birthday clothes shopping for myself this year.  I've been wanting a new vest and when I saw this polk-dotted one at Kohls I knew it was perfect.  It was on sale for less than $20, is thin yet warm and comes in 16 different patterns/colors!!  I also picked up some new maternity pants, cardigan and striped cowl neck sweatshirt at Motherhood that will be perfect for Fall & Winter.
via kohls

3. It was my first birthday that Olive really understood what was going on.  She kept smiling and saying "Happy Burf Day Mama!" all week long.  She made me a card, helped me open gifts and was introduced to cheesecake for the first time.  Her reaction was, "I lub cheese cake!!"  It's my favorite treat and I always love picking up one of those cheesecake assortment packs where you get to try 6-8 different flavors.  I tucked her into bed on the night of my birthday and her last words before falling asleep were "I lub you.  Happy Burf Day Mama" completely on her own.  I may have cried a little bit at her sweet goodnight send off to me.

4. I have got PIE on the brain this time of year!  I can't wait to make and eat some delicious pie next week.  I wrote out my tips for Pie Perfection earlier this week.  I'm planning ot make a pecan, pumpkin and maybe try a new recipe for a pumpkin chocolate chip pie this year.  What's your favorite pie to eat at Thanksgiving??

5. My parents came in town for the day to celebrate my birthday.  Olive was convinced that they were here to see her and she probably wasn't too far off.  Grand kids trump kids most days :)  We shopped, Olive took a car nap with Papaw, drove around to look at houses and then grabbed dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Olive ate her weight in peanuts and then we enjoyed a delicious dinner.  Mimi also taught her the art of blowing your straw paper.  Olive doesn't mess around and ended up shooting paper at a nearby table.  Thanks for the new party trick, Mimi :)
Any fun plans for your weekend?  


  1. I don't own a single piece of Kate Spade. Not that I don't want to but I just can't decide on what I want because I WANT IT ALL but of course, without the price tag!
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday! November is the best month, birthday wise, in my opinion.

  2. Loved reading about your week! Score, with the Kate bag!!! And love the best too. You find the best deals, Whitney! TGIF!

  3. I love the bag and the vest! So chic! Glad you had a good birthday!

  4. That diaper bag is so cute, and now I'm off to check out the vest options! Happy Friday!

  5. Omg that diaper bag is AMAZING!!!

    Lauren :)

  6. Ooooh I'm swooning over your new bag! Love it! Happy birthday, Whitney!

  7. That bag is super cute!! Gotta love Kate Spade!~

  8. Found you on H54F linkup! Love your blog:) AND that vest! Happy birthday as well!:)

  9. Looks like someone had a super fun birthday week! I love that bag! I also adore those cheesecake pieces where you can eat different flavors. I also super love Texas Roadhouse. I could eat their baked potatoes, salad, and rolls every single day.

  10. Love the new bag. If your going to use something a lot it is always worth investing a bit into! That polka dotted vest, I LOVE it!!!

  11. I LOVE your diaper bag!! Olive was so sweet on your birthday! And now you have me craving cheesecake ;) - you'll have to let me know if you made the pumpkin chocolate chip pie! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!!


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