Friday, January 27, 2023

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you've had a good week.  It's been a fun one here!


Did you catch my blog posts this week?

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Now on to my favorite moments of the week:

1 // Go Aces!

We went to an Aces basketball game this week and Kevin surprised us with being part of the entertainment!  He actually told me a couple of days in advance because I don't love surprises, but he surprised the kids at the game :)  He'd been chosen to putt a ball across the entire court to try to win $10,000.  It was so fun to cheer for him.  He didn't make it in the tiny $10k slot, but they told him that was the closest anyone has come all season.

Kevin usually just takes the big kids to the games since they start at 7:00pm.  That's a little too close to Leo's bed time.  It was fun to sit with my Dad and enjoy the game together.  Lots of smiles and fun times together!

2 // New Cookies: Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies

I added these to my Jordan Bakery box menu.  They're delicious!  Dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and sour dough bread starter.  I've been on the hunt for some great recipes to use my sour dough discard in and these are perfect.

3 // We did it!

Kevin only travels a few times a year and usually for just a few days at a time.  This year he headed to a conference in Santa Fe and had trouble getting home.  He got some weather delays causing him to just miss his connecting flight in Dallas by minutes.  He had to spend the night in Dallas and got home the following afternoon.  It was a long week for all of us - lots of smiles and a few tears!  Kevin loves to grab souvenirs for everyone - Santa Fe t-shirts and candy for the kids and a pretty bracelet for me.

4 // Crinkle Cut

I've been on a crinkle cut kick all week!  Look at all this crinkle cut food on our charcuterie dinner board.  I cut apples, carrots, cucumbers and cheese with my crinkle cutter.  I've even been crinkle cutting things for their school lunches!  You can get the links to make your own crinkle cut foods here.


5 // Latte Lover

Olive is very proud to say that she can now make her very own caramel latte.  I taught her all the steps, showed her all the ingredients and only had a few spills/broken cups in the process :)  She's really proud to be able to make this by herself now.

6 // Sunrise

We've had some pretty frosty sunrises this week!

7 // Great Grandmas

Leo and I dropped off treats and snacks to our favorite great grandmas this week.

8 // Lunch dates

We got to meet our favorite friend Jacque at our favorite lunch spot this week!  We all love Jason's Deli.

9 // Pretty hair!

Olive loves a good pony tail and look at this pretty braid.  We laugh because it took her years and years to grown hair (like it did for me) and now she's got a head full of hair.

10 // Organizing Mood

Organizing is my favorite and I've been busy.  This week I tackled the kid's bathroom, our craft closet, pantry and kitchen drawers.  I threw out lots of trash, organized what I wanted to keep and spent $0.  Follow me on instagram (@polkadottyplace) if you want some organizing inspiration!

I love saving sturdy little boxes to help me organize inside of drawers.  I added some binder clips to connect them and keep everything for sliding.  It feels so good to get these spaces in order without spending any money.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Happy Friday, Whitney! Tell Olive her hair is beautiful! Glad Kevin got home OK and good job to you for solo parenting!

  2. I'm glad Kevin got home ok...sounds like a long week for all. I love the pics of the back of L and F's heads at the game...they're definitely brothers. Enjoy your weekend!


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