Friday, December 4, 2015

Highlights to Kicking Off Christmas

We've all been battling cold/sinus symptoms this week and were looking for ways to add a little extra cheer to our life.  Being pregnant and sick is not my favorite combo and having a needy toddler on top of it wore me out.  I was desperate to bring some extra cheer to our life and Christmasy things seemed to do the trick for us.  I did some on-line shopping, ordered our Christmas cards and am working on getting them sent out ASAP.  Can't wait to share them with you :)

The best parts of our {Christmasy}week:

 1. We had our 2nd annual North Pole Breakfast on December 1st.  It was so much fun to plan for and put together.  I went really simple this year and only had to make pancakes and chop some fruit.  Olive loved it and the fruit skewers were her favorite.  Who knew eating with toothpicks would be so much fun?  My favorite was the powdered donuts and I also made an adult version for myself of the North Pole breakfast with the left over supplies :)

 2. I ordered a set of Christmas plates from Pottery Barn Kids this year when they were on a big sale several weeks ago.  They are so sweet and Olive loves eating off of them.  She loves pointing out the tiny mouse on each plate.  The quality is great and I envision her using these plates for MANY years.

3. Does your grocery store have HOLIDAY Rice Krispies??  I've never seen them before so I knew I had to snag a box or two to make my favorite treats.  We've enjoyed lots of rice krsipie treats lately since it's such a fun, festive treat that your whole family can enjoy.  I also saw Christmas Capt'n Crunch, French Toast Crunch and a few others that I may need to try this month.

 4. I've been working on collection non-breakable holiday decorations ever since Olive arrived on the scene so she'd have some things she could play with each season.  These Christmas Mickey & Minnie dolls were the perfect souvenir for her when we were in Chicago a few weekends ago.  I put them out at her level and she ends up carrying them all over the house.

5. The Kindness Elves - Holly & Jolly - arrived at our house this week!  We're excited to complete all of the kindness challenges they've issued for us.  Go here to read more about what they are all about.
Any fun plans for your weekend?
We are hoping to pick out and decorate our Christmas tree, decorate the house and make an apple pie!  It should be a fun, relaxing weekend staying close to home :)


  1. Those strawberries! Oh, I'd love to have those treats.
    Enjoy the season. :)

  2. Such festive treats..LOVE!! Holiday Rice Krispies..oh my, I have not seen them, so pretty!! I'm in. Hope your weekend is festive, fun and full of laughter!!

  3. Love the plates! I have some plastic Christmas plates that I need to get out because I bet Jack would love eating on them. The North Pole breakfast is such a cute idea. I have not seen the holiday Rice Krispies but I will sure be looking for them because Mama loves rice krispie treats! Who doesn't? Have a great weekend!

  4. Your North Pole breakfast was absolutely adorable!! I haven't seen the holiday rice krispies, but I'll be on the lookout now. ;) I adore Olive's souvenirs -- you can never go wrong with Mickey and Minnie! :)
    Have a beautiful first weekend of December! xo - Brenda //

  5. How adorable is that northpole breakfast?! Oh my gosh I want!!

  6. I picked up the holiday Rice Krispies, too! I think that will be our treat next week. I love those Pottery Barn dishes!

  7. The North Pole breakfast is so amazing!! :) How wonderful!

  8. North Pole Breakfast = So fun! We do ours on Christmas Eve morning, but I'm thinking I may need to change that next year to the first part of December. I'm adding the holiday Rice Krispies to my grocery list for this week! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  9. So much fun!!! I really need to pick a date for our North Pole breakfast to happen too, otherwise it just won't. I may just have to steal that Santa pancake idea. That is SO cute!!! Those plates are PERFECT in every way too. I love them.

  10. You come up with so many fun holiday ideas, and your North Pole breakfast idea is going on my list of things to do next year. SUCH a fun idea!! And those plates - I remember when you ordered them and mentioned them. They are just so cute. What a treasure! Hope you all are feeling better. Being sick AND pregnant is no fun.

  11. I love a homemade rice krispie treat. Adding the holiday colors to my shopping list. So easy and so delicious. Those plates are adorable - and I know Olivia would love it if I made her food into Santa!


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