Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Take Care of the Quick Fixes

Are there things around your house that are problem areas that could be taken care of with a quick fix?

Fix them this month!

I've got a few examples of things that have been problem areas that I have been working to fix in the new year.  They have all been inexpensive and made all the difference.

1. A Stocked Homework Station

Our pencils all needed sharpened and our erasers were all used up.  I would have to grab several pencils just to get one that was sharpened and one that had a good eraser at homework time.  It added stress to our homework routine.  I decided one day to sharpen all the pencils and added a pack of eraser pencil toppers to my grocery pick up order.  Problem solved for under $2.  Homework gets off to a much better start now that the pencils are all ready to go!

2. Valentine Shopping

Fletcher needs class valentines and Olive's class is doing a different project.  I ordered everything we needed on Amazon or grabbed it at the store in January.  This way we're all set up to assemble valentines for school in a few days.  We won't have to scramble at the last minute to get what we need.

3. Towel Hooks

Our primary bathroom only came with one towel rack.  It's not enough, but I haven't found another spot or another towel rack that I love.  I grabbed some towel shower hooks for our glass door.  They're great!  The towels dry and are up off the floor.  I solved the problem myself without drilling any holes in the walls.

They come in several finish options and hold the towels really well with their nonslip grip on the hooks.  They look expensive, but are just under $12. 



These have all been quick fixes that have made my life easier!  A few other fixes that are on my radar for February are: find some tall, skinny baskets for my pantry floor, print current photos to fix frames we already own and sort out the wall art I have for our house and have Kevin help me hang it.

What quick fixes could you take care of this month?

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