Sunday, March 17, 2013

I've been wearing glasses since kindergarten and have had multiple pairs: pink plastic frames, wire frames, giant lenses, oval lenses, etc.  My vision is not terrible but I definitely need my glasses/contacts.
I'd been putting off getting new glasses for far too long.  I had a pair of glasses that I liked and wore for 4 or so years.  But alas, my prescription needed updating and I'd already gotten new lenses for said glasses a few years back.  So I decided it was TIME to get some new spectacles.
I dreaded going in the store, trying on millions of pairs since I have a slightly gigantic head and only a few ever seem to fit my melon, waiting for them to be done, trying on the final version with my contacts in so I really have no clue if I can see out of them, etc.  You get the point.  I'm not a fan of going into eyeglass shops looking for new glasses.  We are all busy so I'm sure you'd like to do some shopping at home rather than waiting around in a store.

I order my contacts from 1-800-CONTACTS and I have LOVED their service.  They are based in Utah so I get my contacts within days of my order.  They have super customer service and are always helpful.  They impressed me when a recent trip to my ophthalmologist resulted in a wrong prescription, me unknowingly ordering 4 boxes of the wrong thing, a few more doctor visits, trial pairs of contacts and the eventual right prescription.  They credited my account since it was a doctor error issue and sent me four boxes of the right thing.  No penalty for me because it wasn't my error.  I will be ordering from them forever.  Since I loved their services so much, I felt brave enough to try

Here's what you'll need to do to order on-line:
1. Visit your eye doctor to get your prescription updated and get a copy of it.
2. Head to their website and plug in your face shape, style/color you are looking for, price point and then start searching their options.  They also have a feature that allows you to upload a head shot to virtually try them on but I didn't use it.
3. Select your top 5 pairs and they will send you the frames for FREE to try on at HOME.  If you like one of them, place an order for them.  If you don't find ones that you like, send them all back and choose some more to try on.  It felt like Christmas when the box of glasses arrived at my door.
4. I also searched on-line for a coupon code and found one for first time customers saving me $40!
 5. The first complete pair (prescription lenses + frames) arrived and one of the lenses was scratched.  I tried cleaning it but the condition did not improve.  I called customer service, they apologized and promptly sent me a brand new pair.  I shipped the first pair back to them all free of charge to me.  The second pair arrived in very safe, fun packaging with a case just like you'd get in the store.
 I may have been slightly swayed 
to get this pair of Lucky glasses because of the clover.
 Cleaning cloth included.

 The final pair:
I almost exclusively wear them at home (hence the no make-up/jammies shot)
because I love the convenience of contacts.
However, I like these so much that I might have to wear them more often.

*This is not a sponsored post; just wanted to let you in on this super company.


  1. What an amazing company! It's so sad to see that good customer service is so hard to find these days. I will definitely be using this company for my next purchase! By the way, Those glasses look fabulous on you! You radiate natural beauty! :)

  2. Love your glasses...think the clover would've persuaded me too!!! I need new glasses so this seems great!!! Topher and Oliver are so stinking cute!!!! Have a good week and god bless!!!
    Go Irish!!!!


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