Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trend or Trash: Headbands

I'm seeing more and more of these over the top headnbands
especially on the lovely Taylor Swift.
I've not attempted this look... yet...
 via squidoo

What do you think?  Trend or trash?


  1. I don't know yet...Since I put them on my 18 month old, I can't bring myself to share them with her. Tay Tay can pull them off, as she's a young pop star. However, I don't see anyone taking me seriously with a big flower on my head. But, they're cute.

  2. I think they look too 50's era on me like cartoonish almost but you could probably rock it! Hobby lobby has great knobs and if you use a coupon they are even less!! Your nursery bedding is precious...I love the brightness of it!!
    Go Irish!!


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