Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tieks Taking Over the World?!?!

Lately, I've been admiring some flats.
I've read about some high end flats on several fashion blogs
and I find myself liking footwear I see
and investigating only to find out that they are Tieks.
I'm secretly hoping for a great knock off version for a fourth of the price
but no such luck.
Does this happen ever happen to you??

These Tiek flats seem to be everywhere right now.
They have rave reviews, Oprah loves them,
they come in a wide variety of colors/patterns 
seem really fashionable/durable and look super comfy
BUT the only downside is that the most affordable pair is $165!

I love this Clover Green pair but can't justify the splurge right now.
Do you own any Tieks??
Are they worth the splurge?
I'm wondering if they ever go on sale or if I could find them cheaper anywhere??

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