Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Swimming in a Sea of Kisses

I found myself the recipient of a TON of Hershey Kisses lately.
I enjoy eating them 
but I need some other ideas for consuming them!
Any suggestions on how to use up all of these kisses??


  1. Make peanut butter blossom cookies! They are my fav! Here is a great recipe:

  2. Lay pretzels on a baking sheet...the kind of pretzels that looks like a grid if that makes sense. Put a kiss on top of them and only bake long enough to soften the kiss...take out of oven an squish a m&m candy on top of the kiss! Let harden and enjoy...perfect sweet and salty snack combo!! I apologize for not giving a link but its just a recipe that's in my head!! Lemme know if you like them!!
    Go Irish!!


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