Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gold State Bracelet

Does anyone know where I can purchase a gold state bracelet like this one??
I love it and would love to get a few to stack.
Indiana and Utah is what I had in mind.
I liked this picture on Pinterest 
and was highly disappointed to realize that it was a link to NOWHERE!!
So frustrating!!  I did a good search and didn't get any results that were even close.
Pinterest needs to get their act together 
and not let pins be uploaded without a working link.
Maybe they should develop a Pinterest Police squad 
to keep track of what is being added to the site.


  1. That is a serious bummer! I would love to have Maine and Indiana. Keep us updated on what you find out!



  2. Have you tried etsy? I am a teacher and have always lived in Indiana! Love it here!
    Sonja J.

  3. I think it is from Barney's New York based off of this pin:(.


    I agree though that it seems like etsy would have a similar version. Such a cute idea to stack the places you have lived!


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