Sunday, February 10, 2013

I need your help: Colored Crib Edition

Help!!  I'm in the market for a colored crib and am having some trouble!!
I am a big fan of the painted Jenny Lind cribs
via polyvore and via flickr
but my husband is worried that our baby will eat off the paint,
that a professional painter will use poisonous paint
and that the crib is too flimsy.
I love the fact that you could paint it any color, 
that you can take the wheels off,
it's under $200,
I chose bedding where the crib skirt needs to show and it would here
plus I like the vintagey feel.

Here's the most affordable, cutest option that I've found so far...
via toysrus

Do you have a crib that you love??
Any painted crib options??
or do you know of a person/business in Salt Lake that would refinish a crib??
I'd love to hear from you!!!

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  1. What about all the wood cribs that kids chew on? Dont they eat the stain, and lacquer? So its a toss up between that and paint. Personally, can't it all be fabric or covered in cloth? Then the wood would be sturdy as a structure and does it really matter what we see it look like anyway?


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