Friday, October 26, 2012



  1. Amen! Gods timing is the ONLY perfect timing!! I'm hoping an praying ND beats Oklahoma tomorrow!! I love your outfit posts...your style is great and I wish you were close so you could help me shop!!! Those wipes you suggested for my cat work great! She likes it and doesn't make a peep when I use them on her except for purring! Win win!!
    Have a great weekend! Go Irish!!

    1. Hi Brooke! We are anxious to watch the game tomorrow! We're hoping that the Irish come out strong and surprise all of the nay sayers :) I'm THRILLED to hear that your kitty enjoyed her pampering and that they worked well for you. A happy cat = happy pet owners. Thanks for all of your compliments! I'd love to go shopping with you :) Have a great weekend


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