Monday, October 22, 2012

Trend of Trash?

Leather is sneaking into all areas of fashion this season.
I've seen it on tops, jackets, pants and skirts.
 via thefancy

What do you think is this leather (real or faux)
trendy or trashy this season?


  1. real is too expensive, but i wonder if high end faux is almost the same amount and worth going big? i like leather but feel its not me.

    1. I'd love for someone to buy me a great fitted leather jacket this season. But I agree that I likely won't be coughing up the money for a real or close to real one. :)

  2. NY&CO and Old Navy usually have great deals and mark downs for their faux. But I agree, unless I can find it at TJ Maxx dirt cheap, I just accent with leather (belts, bracelets, and clutches).

  3. I have to confess I bought a faux fur vest last season and I love it...and actually when I bought it the sales clerk looked at it and asked me if I was sure I liked it because she said she thought it was hideous!! I was so shocked by her saying that and I almost didn't buy it but I'm glad I did! Its so warm and I think its fashionable even if its faux!
    Brooke nervous about ND/Oklahoma game this weekend!!! The BYU game was bad enough!!


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