Friday, May 25, 2012

DI > Goodwill

Dear Goodwill in Utah,
I was so excited to read in the paper that you were
opening a BRAND NEW very, large store 
just a few minutes from my house.
700 E. and 4500ish S.

I visited your store this week and was
The store was clean and well labeled
but your prices were TOO HIGH,
your fitting rooms were TOO SMALL,
your merchandise racks were NOT WELL ORGANIZED 
within the sections,
the items were packed in like sardines
and I don't think I'll be back very often.

The only highlight was that I dropped off
6 bags of items to give away and 2 nice 
men helped me unload it all.
 Your Truly, 

Reasons that DI > Goodwill.
-Better organization
-LOW prices
-Better, bigger fitting rooms
-You have the chance to find a bargain
-Great HOME section
that is organized by color
-New merchandise is always being put out
-There are tons of racks so you can easily see the merchandise

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