Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Basket Loft No More

I love shopping at The Basket Loft
and have gotten LOTS of really nice gifts from there.
I found out some really disturbing news this week... they are closing!!
I was sad and panicked because I had been saving a gift card to use for something fun.
I quickly got on the phone to see how much longer they were open
and it turned out that day was their last day of business.
I zoomed home to get my gift card after work and went to the store in Holladay.
There wasn't much left but I found some great deals at 60% off!!
I had a $25 giftcard and I had to pay $2 more to cover the cost of all of this:
Bright Green TAG watering can:
 Red bucket and cat magnets for my magnetic frame on my desk.
 Fruity TAG rug that will look great on my doorstep this spring.
Around $80 worth of stuff for $2!
Sad to see this shop go but glad that I could shop there one last time.

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