Monday, January 23, 2012

What are Scallions?

Apparently, not many people know what scallions are.
I confess, I did not know either.
I was grocery shopping at Target this week and had scallions on my list.
I picked up these thinking they were scallions.
Turns out that shallots and scallions are not the same thing.
 I hunted around and couldn't find any produce labeled scallions.
Kevin asked 5 or so employees for help and got nowhere.
I made an emergency grocery store call to my mom for help.
She googled it and said that scallions looked like this:
Helpful tip but none to be found.
Maybe if scallions were this cute, I would have found them :)
 We decided to buy green onions instead since they seemed similar.

The final straw was to ask our cashier what scallions were...
She said, "They are a type of seafood.  They are round and squishy.  
My brother loves them but I don't care for the texture."  
Kevin said he was surprised that they were seafood... 
clearly our dear cashier was confusing scallions with SCALLOPS!
I felt like we should be hosting an episode of Jay Leno's Jaywalking.


  1. your mom is right very similar to green onion

  2. VERY FUNNY! Good choice on the green onion. You know I could have told you that :)
    LOVE YA!

  3. First good belly laugh for the day :) Thank you :)


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