Friday, January 6, 2012

Thrifting in Indiana

I've had really good luck on my thrifting adventures in Utah
so I was excited to thrift in Indiana over break.
My sister and I went to several different stores and found lots of good things:
 Haley: Blazer from The Loft, dress from H&M, 
two really cute dresses, a teal puffy vest for under $20.
I made her try on the red dress and it was SO CUTE!
It seems like it was made for her
and I can't wait to see how she accessorizes it.
 I found a purple ruffley dress from Kohlns, White blouse from Lerner 
and hounds-tooth fabric for $12.
Just so you know... when you are thrifting you having to dig
through lots of weird things.
We found these GIANT homemade dresses
that were really heavy and funny looking.
We also found several tacky former bridesmaid dresses.
We had the kiddos & our mom with us on our next outing. 
Allie enjoyed grabbing things.
 Hayden did a good job and would pick out things
that he was sure would look "dood" on me.
Mom found a few shirts.
Haley got a lot on that trip.
I got the following items for around $15.
3 skirts, a floral dress, a vest, and a fun tie.
The stores weren't as organized as they are in UT
but we still had a great time.

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