Saturday, January 14, 2012

Compromising at IKEA

I love IKEA and enjoy wandering through the store.
I could easily spend the day in this store.
There is SO much to look at.
Kevin, on the other hand, does not share my affinity for the store.
He likes their products and but has about an hour limit for being on the premises.

We needed a new lamp 
since our current one started snap, crackle and popping the other day.
Our plan was to go before dinner and see what we could find.
We walked through the whole store.
With Kevin keeping me focused on moving through the store 
and not wandering too far off of the concrete pathway.

I found these napkins for $1.99 and cupcake liners for $0.99 each
for an upcoming shower I am throwing + a few more just in case.
 $0.59 Red Spatulas
 Rolly Brushes - $0.99 + refills for $2.99
Here's where the compromising comes in.
We both found lamps that the other vetoed.
Then we both agreed on a silver lamp.
We needed to select a lamp shade.
They had all colors, patterns, textures, etc.
I chose a few but Kevin wanted light colors and a pattern.
I found a great floral one that was bright an fun.
Kevin said it was too "in your face."
So I let him pick the one that caught his eye.
Voila: he called it a "minimalist" pattern...
 I debated pouting and getting my way,
he offered to switch it out for the one I'd chosen,
but I decided that I would be excited about it because he was
(and the lamp was going by his study area at home).

 We got home and Kevin got busy assembling.
Topher supervised the job.
Kevin is thrilled and the shade has grown on me.
The lamp is a bright spot in our family room :)

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