Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cats Gone Light

What type of cat food do your cats eat?
Mine started out eating Science Diet, got bored with it and
we switched to their VERY favorite for a few years now is:
 I've tried wet cat food with no luck.
It stinks, is pricey and they just lick around on it.

Since Oliver has what some people might call,
"a little bit of a weight problem"
We decided to give this a try:
 Cats are funny about the shape and color of their food.
Once cats get used to something, it can be hard to make a change.
(I think this is actually true for a lot of PEOPLE!)
I pulled a fast one and did a blend of a little Seafood Sensation with the light.
They wolfed it down and seem to like it!
Glad my cats are now on my eat well everyday plan :)

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