Monday, November 30, 2015

Merry Christmas 2 & 3 Year Olds

Merry Christmas 2 & 3 Year Olds

It was fun to come up with a wish list for Olive this year.  I included things she currently loves and things that I think she would love to give you and idea of things 2 & 3 year olds would love for Christmas.  I remember searching for "best gifts for a 2 year old" on Amazon before I had kids so that I could buy something fun and age appropriate.  My hope is that my list will give you some ideas for your kiddos or any kiddos you are buying for this year!

She is getting a KidKraft kitchen for Christmas so I've asked for play food and pretend dishes from family members.  We have the kitchen in a box right now so that we have plenty of time to assemble it.  We found it on sale and knew it would be best to plan ahead on a purchase like this one.

She loves any and all Melissa and Doug wooden toys.  This brand can do no wrong in my book.  Their puzzles, sticker sets, food sets and all other wooden toys are so durable, adorable and engage Olive for HOURS of learning fun.

Rain boots & umbrellas = an instant toddler hit.  It's easy to ask parents for shoe sizes and then pick up some cute rainy day accessories.

A mini table and chairs or an art easel would be nice and functional.  I've heard rave reviews about both for toddlers so I think you'd be safe with either option.  The IKEA table for kids seems to be really popular and easy to assemble.  This white Kid Kraft easel is cute, under $100 and has lots possibilities for FUN artsy times.

 Bath toys are always fun - paints, crayons, musical toys, letters, etc.

Musical instruments.  I really like the box sets that include lots of different instruments for the kids to try.  Here's a Melissa and Doug Deluxe Band Set that looks really entertaining and not too obnoxious.

Art supplies = washable ones are always a good idea 

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  1. I am one gift away from being completely done with Jack's Christmas (minus the stocking). I've been working on it but it is far from complete. I have already purchased crayola bath products for his stocking. He probably is going to open his stocking and start striping for bath time. He LOVES a bath. I agree about Melissa and Doug products-they are so durable!

  2. I love those Melissa & Doug toys, too! There's a store in our outlet mall that sells them marked WAY down and I love to shop there for my niece and nephew. These are great suggestions - thanks!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  3. All such classic toys! The Melissa and Doug food is always so fun!

  4. What a fantastic list. We always love those magnetic dress up dolls and you can't go wrong with a kitchen!

  5. These are the best gift ideas. We've almost finished shopping but haven't done Olivia yet. She will get enough from the grandparents :) - sharing this with them.


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