Thursday, June 11, 2015

Worth Reading

Good BLOG posts:
Check out these fun sidewalk chalk games and summer activities from my friends at Sweet Little Ones - it's impressive the things they've come up with to do with chalk in your driveway.  I can't wait to give some of them a try this year with Olive.

I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe and am working to compile one for summer.

Sally is known for her delicious treats, but this salad recipe looks amazing

seems to be taking the world by storm these days.
I'm inspired to declutter and only keep things that bring me JOY.
I'd also like to read the book to get the whole process down.

 Looking for a way to get your family more excited to eat salads?

I love Andrea's blog and think she's a pretty great mom 
so I'm anxious to read her latest parenting book recommendation

Loved this list of Comfortable Walking Shoes from Taza
Who says shoes can't be comfy AND cute?!?!

I really enjoyed Whitney's post on

Olive's pick of the month:
My friend Katie @ Cup of Tea HIGHLY recommended The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen weeks ago and I gave it to Olive for her birthday.  She wasn't kidding - this book is wonderful!  Olive requests that we read it all the time and the pictures/store are adorable.  It's so well written, rhymes and flows perfectly and the vocabulary is impressive.  It's clever, funny and just a great read.  Pick this up for a kid in your life - they will LOVE it!!

REAL books:
I just finished reading The Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner and it was just as WONDERFUL as I'd imagined it would be.  It really makes you re-evaluate the free moments in your life and helps you to see where you can make time for your favorite hobbies.  I took notes throughout the whole book and it really reads as a workbook for you to process your thoughts on your own fringe time.  All women would benefit from reading this book.  Turner points out the crazy myth that says we must do everything and helps her readers to prioritize what is most important to their family.  My favorite thing was that she said you've got to be prepared with activities that you can work on for short periods of time.  You may not have HOURS to work on a fun project, but you can accomplish a lot in 30-60 minutes if you plan ahead.  She wakes up early and then uses her lunch break and evenings to work on things.  I could better use nap times and evenings for the things that excite/fulfill me and let me be creative.  I love to bake, blog, read, organize, shop and be a friend so those are all areas that I'd love to work on during my fringe hours.

Favorite quotes from the book:
Investing in ourselves is way more important than chores.

You need to stop pursuing an unrealistic image of perfection 
and instead embrace a healthy balance that includes personal joys. 

Comparison causes us to miss what God has given us.  Celebrating others is so much better than comparing yourself to them.

I also recently read What Keeps You Up At Night: How to Find Peace While Chasing Your Dreams by Pete Wilson.  It was an inspiring read to help you chase after your dreams and put your fears aside.  The book is filled with references to biblical stories and passages to help encourage you.  All of the examples are easy to relate to and you feel as though the author has been in the trenches of doubt, fear and worry himself.  It's inspiring to help you identify your dreams and meant to encourage you in your pursuit of them.  I really enjoyed this book and found myself underlining throughout the chapters.  Each section ends with important bullet points and reflection questions.  I think this book would be a great read for anyone trying to embrace change in their lives.

Favorite quotes from the book:
When we embrace uncertainty and grasp God's hand, He will give us opportunity aftter opportunity to exercise our "trust muscles."
*This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review of it.

Have you read anything good lately?
Leave some links for me in the comments :)


  1. I adore Duchess Kate, but she does have a full-time nanny and household staff. Hell, she had her hairdresser and glam squad at the hospital. It's much easier for her to have it all together than the rest of us, haha.

  2. I can't wait to start reading to my child! The Pout Pout Fish looks adorable!

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out! That book about chasing your dreams looks really good. Embracing change is never easy for me - sounds like a book I need!

  4. The Pout Pout Fish, a favorite among my TK class during ocean week. A great little story and a lesson for children young and old. Another favorite is Margaret Wise Brown's The Runaway Bunny a classic!

  5. Its so much easier for Kate to have it together than all of us. Plus we only see small snapshots of her life. I just got the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up - I'll let you know how it is.

  6. Thank you for mentioning our sidewalk chalk post. Hope you've been enjoying the activities with Olive! That fish book looks so cute! I'm putting it on our must check out at the library list! -Jess


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